What Simple Living Means To Me

Simple living is a rather old concept that has become ever so popular over the last 5 or 6 years.  How many of our ancestors lived a simple life?  More and more I hear people talking about living simply, simple living, minimalism etc…. (there are numerous catch words people throw around to describe a simple way of living.)  To everyone simple living or living simple means something a little different.


For me living intentionally simple means:

embracing frugality through recipes, diy, & helpful information that helps me learn to save & refocusing our $ to where it is important to us like traveling and vacations, for example.  (I am the frugal queen, be prepared for upcoming unique frugal ideas.) 

understand simplicity

exploring & traveling the world around us

implementing minimalism in different areas of my life

becoming more self sufficient with my homestead

using the inspiration I find as fuel to spark creativity within me

living healthy– we need to take care of ourselves & nourish our mind, body, & spirit.

This is my condensed list of what living intentionally simple is to me. Not only are all of these things important for me but it’s the way I live my life.  I practice what I preach.

What does simple living mean to you?  Why did you start your own journey towards living a simpler life?  I am interested in learning from others what made them start to reevaluate their lives and start their journey.

So welcome to my new blog where I will be exploring all of the things I listed in many different forms.  I am new, just starting out on my journey so I welcome others to share their thoughts and ideas with me along the way.  Here’s to simple beginnings of a simple life.