Helpful Tips for Developing a Healthy Relationship With Food

Dieting, never works for anyone in the long run.  Sure, you may be lucky enough to lose weight, but once you go off the diet, you tend to gain the weight back and sometimes gain more.  It’s a very frustrating path, that I didn’t want to take.  But where does one start?

Before I go any further, I need to explain a little bit about myself, so you can understand where I come from.  I was a child who had a little baby fat, but nothing out of the ordinary.  As a teen till about 31 yrs old, I was thin, very thin.  I remember after having my 3rd child, and walking out looking fantastic and super thin.  I couldn’t gain weight, only if I was pregnant.  People always said to me ” must be nice!”  But in fact it wasn’t.  If I did eat all the time, picking like a bird, I got sick and got migraines.  Since it didn’t matter what I ate, I never gained a pound, I ate really really bad.  Actually quite terrible.  I never learning about eating healthy, I thought healthy food was gross and preferred the junk.  My eating habits were set and nothing was going to change that.  Well nothing till I got sick.  Being sick rocked my world and changed me in so many ways.   Believe it or not, I am thankful for the path that I was on, sickness and all.  It put me on a different path, a healthier path…….one that I am still currently on.  And now I get to show my children by example and teach them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but making healthy choices.

Once I was determined to show my drs, my friends & family, and myself that yes I am able to lead a healthier life,  one that I was able to lose the weight, exercise, and be more present in.  I decided my 1st step was to focus on the foods we eat and maintaining a healthy relationship with them.

10 helpful tips to help you develop a healthier relationship with food

1. look at my food selections and where I can replace the unhealthy choices with a healthier option….make sure the 1st things you replace are your pantry staples.  You will thank yourself down the road.

2. find cheap ways to eat healthy……..$$$$$ shouldn’t matter when it comes to our health and eating healthy.  I found awesome ways to continue with eating healthy on a small small budget.

3. make a menu of each day……..till it comes 2nd nature to you.  I put in breakfast, snack, lunch, shake, dinner, snack or shake.

4. to help your metabolism reboot itself, research & try carb cycling…….if you want to know more, I would be more than happy to talk with you about this.

5. don’t be fooled with breakfast food for breakfast, lunch food for lunch……..Change up your meals to keep it fresh.  There are mornings that I eat ground turkey w/ peppers & onions for breakfast.

6. know that our body needs fat but healthy fats…… avocados, olive oil, nuts etc……..

7. in order to loss weight we need to increase our protein intake…….Adult men need about 56 grams a day…..Adult women need about 46 grams a day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding) taken from

8. be realistic about your goals with weight loss……..instead of dieting, you are changing your lifestyle, which takes time.  Make sure you goals are obtainable…..for me it took me about 2 yrs to put on my 90lbs.  So I gave myself 2 yrs to get it off.

9. know the difference between emotional eating or if you are actually hungry……..if you feel hungry, drink an 8oz glass of water.  If you are still hungry in 15-30mins then your hungry, otherwise you may just be bored.

10. Give yourself some a break…….it’s not an overnight change, it take time.  If you fall, get right back up and continue on your way.  No one is perfect, we all have our good and bad days.


Below I have included some good blogs and articles I have found helpful.


What is another way that helps you develop your relationship with food? 

6 thoughts on “Helpful Tips for Developing a Healthy Relationship With Food

  1. Carb cycling is something my husband introduced me to, which is where you alternative how much carbs you eat (like a low carb or high carb day) to help reboot your metabolism & lose weight.


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