No Excuse

New habits are hard to start and keep up with.  In the beginning you need to make it a point everyday to keep up with it or else it’ll be pushed aside.  Exercising is a new habit of mine, that has taken me forever to start.  Sad, yes I know.  Numerous times over the last 3 yrs I would always say ” I’ll exercise tomorrow.”  Then tomorrow came and went, but I didn’t go out and exercise.  I always had excuses and made it easy for myself to blow it off.  Made it easy for myself to not be held accountable.  Yet, I thought I had a right to complain about my weight and my illness.

That was my days till I had enough.  Till I was tired of being sick and fat.  Till I had no excuse……..And you know what, it wasn’t to late for me.  It’s wasn’t to late to get off my ass, get my feet moving, and go out the door.  It’s never to late.  And before anyone out there make excuses for themselves, I believe that no illness is ever an excuse to not exercise.  In the beginning of my journey, I had health problems associated with my weight gain such as my heart rate was extremely elevated at rest, to the point my doctors where very concerned.  I didn’t want to have a heart attack, I am only 34 yrs old.  I had no energy or desire to do much, and actually felt very depressed and sad a lot.  I also couldn’t breath and my chest was super tight, like an asthma attack.  My drs called it exercise induced asthma.  I was 90lbs overweight.  I was a mess, a hot mess.  And yes, I probably could have lived off my excuses my whole life, if I let myself.  But after 3 years of living like this, I woke myself up in order for me to start living the life that I wanted.

No excuses……..and the results from my new habit is:

*I have lost 39.6lbs in three months

*I can breath when I walk even if I walk 10 miles

*I have restarted my metabolism naturally, without help of drugs

*I enjoy & look forwards to my morning exercising

*I haven’t had a flair up with my illness

*I haven’t suffered from migraines, only had 2 in the last 3 months, usually I have them 3-4 times a week

*I am 50 times happier with myself, my weight, my life……..with everything.


I am sharing this because I want others to learn from my mistakes, to learn from my suffering, to learn from my words.  Never let any excuses you make take over and control your life.  The 1st step is the hardest.  Just keep pushing yourself to take the 2nd, 3rd, 4th step and so on.  And before you know it, your new habit won’t be new anymore.  If I can keep pushing myself everyday, keep holding myself accountable, so can you.  You are stronger than you know.


What is a new habit your trying to form?  What is a way for you to hold yourself accountable?

3 thoughts on “No Excuse

    • Thank you for stopping bye 🙂
      You and me both. Sugar is my downfall only when it comes to ice cream, otherwise I am not a sugar kinda person. But salt, I could throw it on everything. So I make sure i watch how much sugar and salt I take in, well on good days I do. And bad ones, I like it go and start over the next day.

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