Letting Go: Saves & Makes You Money

Think about this, do we remember all those things we HAD to have growing up or do we remember the memories we have had along our journey?  What do you want your family to remember about you?  What do you want you family and friends to associate with you, the things you bought or spent money on?  Or the memories you shared with that person?

Saving money is something everyone wants.  Who wants to spend their hard earned money?  I know I sure don’t.  Once I pinpointed how I wanted to live, I had to figure out how to get rid of the distractions.  For me, the place to start was our house.  I am not a hoarder by any means, but our house was filled with odd and ends that I wanted at one time or another.  The best way for me to get through my house, was to go one room at a time.  This is a huge job, since I have so many people involved.  I needed to make sure my expectations weren’t to high because this process is a huge undertaking.  If I did it all at once, I would get overwhelmed, probably quitting shortly after I started.

I started with my boys room, since it was the messiest & most cluttered.  There were so many more things that I didn’t realize  I was holding on to, till I began doing my boy’s room.  It wasn’t hard for my boys to let go of their items, it was hard for me.  I know a lot of people suffer from emotional attachment to certain possessions.  I decided to include a few tips of how to let go of possessions, that no longer serve a purpose in your life.  Below are 5 helpful tips.

5 Helpful Tips For Letting Go of Our Possessions

1. We need to realize that we all have emotional attachments to certain possessions.  We need to learn when it’s time to let go.  For further reading on emotional attachment here’s a site does a good job at explaining more about this http://psychotherapist-nyc.blogspot.com/2013/01/when-our-emotional-attachment-to-our.html

2. If you haven’t used it in 3 months, there’s a good chance you won’t be using it, put it aside.  If you haven’t used it in over a year, toss it, and don’t think twice about it.  If it’s hard to toss something away, put it aside and go through that pile once everything else is done, one by one.  Work through each item and really make sure it serves a purpose in your life.  If it is something of importance for you, by all means keep it.  I am not saying to toss everything, just the unnecessary clutter that’s around you.  And don’t let you emotional attachment to that item prevent you from getting rid of it.

3. do the entire room or don’t waste you time.  It makes no sense on doing half the room and getting to the other stuff later.  You will either never get around to it or you will have to redo it again.  Who want to waste their time doing something twice?

4. don’t keep an item potential use down the road.  If its not useful now, something that you need in your everyday life, then you need to get rid of it.  If it becomes important to you, down the road you can get it either for free, borrowed, or used.  Many times I have fallen into this trap and kept things for far to long for a possible use down the road.  Like when I kept an old shirt of the girls because it was cute, thinking I could to in a possible craft project sometime down the road.  Just get rid of it!

5. If there’s an item that you no longer need and you don’t want to throw it away, find a good home for it: donate, give it away etc..

Once I was able to start the decluttering process and let go of things, I noticed that I can save & make money from the possessions I was getting rid of.  Who doesn’t like saving money & making a little cash on the side?  Below are 7 ways that I was able to save and make a little money.

 7 Ways we are able to save & make money:

1. Not having the “I need this or I need that” mentality.  This itself will save you tons because you won’t be compelled to go shopping and waste money on unnecessary items.  This is something I have done numerous times.  No more shopping therapy for me, even if I am saving money.  Just because we spend a few dollars on something, doesn’t mean we have to get it.  Being frugal means knowing when to shop and save money as well as knowing when not to shop or score a deal.

2. Want to get rid of things quickly?  Bring it to the recycling center or to the dump.  Most places have a little area that you can bring you unwanted items and others can pick it up.

3. Learn how to effectively sell your unwanted items online @ Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, or Esty (depending on what you have.  You can sell crafts or hobby things including supplies on Esty.  Got some unwanted or unused items give it a try.)

4. If the item is worth a good amount, when you donate it, you can ask for a receipt for your taxes.  You can claim it.

5. Barter with others-use items you are getting rid of as a bartering item for things or services you need

6. Look for a useful way you could reuse something you are getting rid of or reuse it as a gift for someone else.  This will only save you money, if you follow through with your plans to reuse it.  Otherwise, it will become unnecessary clutter.  An old sweater could be used as a cup kosie, candle wrap, throw pillow etc….this is where Pinterest comes in handy.

7. Donate items to your local shelter, good bank, nursing homes etc….  do your homework because you would be surprised to see the places that are looking for good quality used items.

Please share any helpful tip you have for decluttering and/or making money off things you no longer want to occupy your space.  


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14 thoughts on “Letting Go: Saves & Makes You Money

    • No problem, thanks for stopping by. It seems sometimes, that it’s never ending, but that’s what happens when you are doing this with 7 people. LOL. It does take a while to get it done properly, which I would prefer to do it right the 1st time, then going over it again. Good for you guys and the journey you are on 🙂 I too second guess myself sometimes, but I try hard to stop doing that, which is easier said than done.


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  7. I love your article, I have been needing to do this for so long and keep putting it off. I like #3 because I like many have a hard time letting go. There are so many good charities I have one picked out for my clothing to donate to I have already started one closet with 3 bags of clothes and 2 of shoes.

    Thanks you for Co-Hosting with me this past few months it has been a pleasure getting to know you through blogging.
    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Letting go is hard but for me getting it out the door to where I want it to go is even harder. LOL.
      I’ve had a lot of fun being a part of your blogging community. 🙂


  8. Wonderful article! Letting go is the biggest problem I face too! I keep telling myself, it’s time to thin out all the stuff! Thank you for the inspiring reminder to get it done! =)
    It’s fun co-hosting #OhMyHeartsieGirlWW with you!
    Enjoy your weekend!


  9. I’m also going through the same process and let me tell you, it’s a struggle! It’s not necessarily getting rid of something, it’s going through the stuff to get rid of. I’m taking that advice about going through one room at a time. I’m also slowly and I mean slllllloooowwwlly trying to change my way of thinking when it comes to “do I need that” or “do I want that.” It’s been hard, but it’s worked a few times. Anyway, wonderful post!


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