New Year New Schedule

I started my blog, because I wanted to journal my adventure into simple living.  But with the holiday season, it seemed to take over my blog.  Simple living means so much more than one idea, that’s why I broke it down into 7 categories with each day being a new topic.  Plus, I wanted to offer things that haven’t been overly done, like my fun food Friday or silver lining Sundays.  To refresh your memory, here are the ideas: *I revised my list from my 1st post & added another category.  I also showed the days that the posts will be posted on. *

This schedule will start tomorrow, with it being the 1st full week of the year.  It is an ambitious schedule on my part, but I really wanted to jump right in, start working towards my yearly goals.  I’ve put a lot of thought into this and realized how much I love blogging, reading, & writing.  It’s such an enjoyable positive outlet for me.  And as an added bonus, this new schedule will keep my interest ( I suffer badly with ADHD and lose my interest in things quickly if I don’t make it fresh, new, & interesting) but give you an a glimpse into our life & our attempt at living simple.

Minimal Mon

implementing minimalism & understand simplicity in different areas of my life

Tues Travels

exploring & traveling the world around us….with pics, tips, ideas etc….

Wellness Wed

healthy living – we need to take care of ourselves & nourish our mind, body, & spirit.

Inspiration Thurs

using the inspiration  I find as fuel to spark creativity within me

Frugal Friday & Fun Food Friday

embracing frugality through recipes, diy, & helpful information that helps me learn to save & refocusing our $ to where it is important to us like traveling & vacations, for example.  (I am the frugal queen, be prepared for upcoming unique frugal ideas.) 

explore unique & odd foods, food info, recipes etc. (thought this would be fun for me as well as others to do)

S.S. Saturday

becoming more self sufficient with my homestead

Silver Lining Sunday

my ramblings- sometimes we all need to get our thoughts out, but I want to gear my thoughts to be positive, uplifting, happy

 Other areas I will be posting on from time to time, just not regularly are:

blogging tips & ideas- to help my fellow bloggers out…….

parenting– since I have 5 kids (15-5) why not write about my experiences, thoughts, & ideas

photography– my works, helpful tips, inspirational ideas etc….

Don’t forget to keep this page bookmarked so you will know what you can expect from me each day.  🙂

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