Check In & A Simple Taco Zoodle Recipe

I originally started this series The Weight Loss Diaries, as a way to track my weight loss and share helpful & encouraging information with others during the month of Oct (you know how bloggers blog everyday for 30 days.)  But like with most things, my healthy got in the way and I wasn’t able to continue on with it for the full 30 days.  I will be continuing this series, probably not every Wednesday but I will do at least once a month.

It’s no secret around here, that I am trying to change my life, one food at a time.  I have been working hard towards my ultimate goal of being healthier inside and out.  My personally weight goal is to be 148lbs and I gave myself 2 years to do it.  Why 2 years?  Because it took me 2 years to gain 90lbs, so it should take around the same time to take that amount off.  I wanted to make sure my goals were realistic and attainable.

Now it’s check in time:

Starting weight: 238lbs.

today’s weight: 183.5lbs.

weight loss: 54.5

time: 7 months in……..leaves me 17 months to lose the remaining weight (is about 2.5lbs/month to lose)

weight to lose to reach my goal: 35.5

So as you can see, I am doing just awesome, even though I have my days where I don’t feel like I am.  And I was told that I wouldn’t be able to lose much if any of my weight since it was medically induced (2 meds I was on for my illness made me gain all the weight).  This is where I hope to encourage others in similar situation that I was in.  If I can do it, anyone can.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to eating healthy is finding & making simple but tasty meals, mixing it up a bit, and doing it all on a super tight budget.  My husband can eat the same boring things everyday for the rest of his life and wouldn’t care.  But I am sooooo the opposite.  Below is a recipe that I use all the time, but now I mix it up with my zoodles (you know cutting zucchini into spirals and using in place of pasta.)

Taco Zoodle Recipe

2015-01-07 19.54.43_tonemapped


*ground meat (I use turkey for a healthier option, but beef works just as well)

*taco seasoning

*1-2 zucchini cut into spirals or whatever shape you like

*coconut oil or whatever oil you use

*water ( to use with taco seasoning)



*Cook your meat till its all brown & completely cooked through.

*Add your taco seasoning to your meat and add the appropriate amount of water to it.  Cook it on low for 10 mins or so

*While your meat is cooking on low, take the zucchini spirals and oil in a frying pan and cook for a few mins, till the zucchini is cooked to your liking.

*Put the zoodles on the plate & put the taco meat on top of it.  Add some salsa, lettuce, & whatever other toppings you like.  I ran out of salsa so I add a tiny bit of cheese.  You could really mix this up a bit.

I serve this along side what we call our Spanish Salad.

~Viola, your healthy dinner is done~


Here are a few older posts I wrote about wellness to check out:

*5 Tips For Living With A Chronic Illness

*What is Skinny Fat?

*Walking & Metabolism Go Hand In Hand

If you l like these posts or found them helpful, please let me know so I can continue to write more post like these.  Are you on a weight loss journey or change your lifestyle for the better?  What is the hardest and easiest thing about your journey so far?

9 thoughts on “Check In & A Simple Taco Zoodle Recipe

  1. I love my food and dieting has always been hard. Doesn’t really help when I gained 20 kg after my first pregnancy and continued on for 2 years well after my 2nd. Took the advice of a health consultant to hv no meals after 6.30 pm, and if I do, I shd only consume soup.And limit carbo intake – esp. Bread 😦 . One advice I got is to drink water+ lemon juice first thing when I wake up as a way of detox. I still continue with that today. I walked a lot too! The loss was gradual but sustainable. Still not my ideal level after 2 years, but at least I don’t feel like a cow. :p

    Sending you all determination dusts your way to get to your goal. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a great tip of not eating past a certain time. I am guilty of late night eating and not eating breakfast. This is something I have been working hard on. I too heard of lemon water and have been trying to do that, when I remember. Sometimes with getting the kids off to school, I forget about it. Great tips, thank you 🙂 I am glad for your weight loss and that you are feeling much better. That is something I too noticed is how much better I feel, once I got over the initial crappy feelings. Keep up the good work!
      I will take all determination dust that I can get. It’s been harder & slower, especially since winter is in full force where I live. But on days that it’s 30 degrees or higher, I plan on going snow shoeing or hiking to combat the lack of walking 🙂


      • I hear you! Breakfast is hard. I’m crap at it and I have to make extra effort for that.Something I try to get better at it. With the lemon water, what I usually do is prepare it the night before with a flask that keeps the water warm and put on my night stand. So that’s the first thing I see when I wake up; pour the water with my groggy head, squeeze the lemons and voila! Perhaps that could help you with forgetting. 🙂

        Actually, your reply inspired me to potentially write a post (for later) on tips I learnt of battling weight loss…when I get round to it!

        Liked by 1 person

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