6 Ways To Combat Toxicity In Your Life

Toxic relationships……..toxic habits……..toxic workplace……..toxic home life……..We all, at one time or another, have toxicity in our lives.

This past week or so, I have been missing because I let the toxicity in my life, out weigh the positive happy things, which in turn made my days very hard, lonely, miserable, & sad.  This weighed me down and got to me on a deeper level, than it usually does.

Yes, I am still dealing with this, but I have a better handle on things, a better perspective, & better way of combating it.  Dealing with this, is challenging because if we aren’t careful, the toxicity can penetrate deeply and affect all areas of our life.  Combating this is something we must continually do since life throws punches after punches at us.  Not only have I done a lot of reading this week, I have done a lot of soul searching & come to certain realizations.  My biggest realization, is that I don’t want things get to me this bad again…….I don’t EVER want to be this negative, this sad, this miserable.  Or to feel as horrible as I did about myself.  EVER.  I thought I would share with the 6 tips I will use to help me combat the toxicity in my life.

6 Ways To Combat Toxicity In Your Life

1. to realize this happens to us all some time or another……..just don’t let it define or break you.

2. have a positive uplifting outlet that is all your own………stop everything and do something that makes you happy, that is all your own, that you can do alone, & helps you feel better.  The positivity from your outlet will help you start to look at your situation from a new light.

3. start a journal & be completely honest with how you are feeling……..it can only help you if you are truly honest no matter how your feelings make you feel (if you feel stupid for feeling a certain way.  Only once we accept how we feel can we start to move on & heal.)

4. remember nothing stays the same……..everything changes & this to will pass.  You just need to move through your situation, the best you can, with the most positivity you can.

5. things will only bother you as deep as you let it………this is something that took me a while to realize.  Whatever is bothering you will only bother you as deeply as you let it.  We have the power to stop the negativity and change our days from sad to happy from negative to positive.  Take the control back.

6. know when to just let go……..sometimes it is best for you to just let go & move on.  Even if it hurts, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself & your well being is to simply move on, as sad as that can be.  We may envision life a certain way, with certain people, but that doesn’t mean that’s what our life will turn out to be.

Life will get to us, get us down, because we are only human after all.  But having ways to help combat those days, will help us better enjoy our life, be more positive & have more positivity in our lives, love the people around us, and take in all of our beautiful world.

What are some ways that you combat negativity or toxicity?  Has it helped?



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9 thoughts on “6 Ways To Combat Toxicity In Your Life

  1. Yes, the days (and weeks) happen to us all, but as you said. Nothing stays the same. I like to practice techniques from the Stoics. I recommend “A Guide to the Good Life” by William B. Irvine. Excellent book. Check it out sometime.
    Thanks for the great honest post.

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    • Good for you for starting your detoxing. It can be hard but we’ll worth it In the end. I just have to make sure I stick with it, which is sometimes hard for me to do. I’m glad u stopped by, always nice to meet new people.


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