6 Things Bloggers Do That Drive Me Nuts

I dedicated Tuesdays to Traveling, but it is hard for me since the weather has prevented me from doing a lot of traveling.  And there is only so much advice I can give you about that.  So instead I have changed it to Tuesday’s Thoughts.  This is where you will get a post about something on my mind, that I have been thinking about.  Today’s thought is about things that bloggers & things that they do.

I have been blogging for about a year now.  But I have only recently been “really” blogging, engaging, & interacting.  Before this, I just blogged here and there, nothing as regular as now.  Nor was I trying to do anything but share my photos & a few thoughts.  Now, on this blog, I am trying to share more frequently, to interact, & engage with others, building my own tribe.

Over the course of being a small part of the blogging community, I have seen or read things that bloggers do, that drive me nuts.  Sometimes, it bugs me so bad that I wish I could just stick my hands through the screen & strangle them, telling them how stupid, rude, or selfish they are.  Tonight while I am watching Ender’s Game with my son, I complied a list of the things that bloggers had done that drive me nuts, that I thought others would appreciate.

 6 Things That Drive Me Nuts

*promoting other blogs they like only when they are paid to do so…….now don’t get me wrong getting paid is great & if you can support yourself with your blog, I am jealous.  But why does everything have to be about money.  I’ve seen blogs where you go on there blogroll if you pay them, you they mention your blog in a sentence, if you pay them, and so on.  Let’s not make it always about money and more about community.  And then offer services or products to your tribe, which I am sure you will make more.  To me it just seems that the blogs where every little thing is about money, takes away from the blog & the contents.  What do you think?

*offering advice they don’t follow……..this one makes me laugh

*copying something someone else says or does without proper credit……..enough said

*gossiping & talking shit about other bloggers……..  Things will go around and you don’t want a reputation for this, do you?   Plus karma is a bitch, just remember that……..what goes around comes around.

*blaming others for the lack of success in their own blogs……..don’t blame others for their success, do the work yourself and figure out ways to become successful.  The blogs that are successful are from hard work people who know or have figured out ways to become successful.  You are only as successful as you want to be.  For me personally, I don’t put in as much work in as others, so why would I assume I would be as popular as those blogs?

*seeing every other bloggers as an enemy instead of peer or friend……..like I have said before, we are stronger working together, instead of by ourselves or against one another.

What are some things about bloggers that drive you nuts?  Are you guilty of any of them?  I know my biggest problem that drives other bloggers nuts would be my following through.  I need to learn how not to let life get in the way and follow through better, which I am working on.  Love to hear you thoughts 🙂


3 thoughts on “6 Things Bloggers Do That Drive Me Nuts

  1. When I read your title, I was worried. lol And then I read it and smiled because I feel the same way and thank goodness I’m not guilty of doing those things! I went into blogging not really thinking about interacting with other bloggers so I had to learn along the way. It was really eye opening.


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