Healthier Berry Crumble Cake


I am sure by now, everyone has seen all over the internet and Pinterest different versions of cakes & diet cakes using a few ingredients, one being certain kinds of soda.  I decided for my son’s 12th party (today) I will have a cake as well as a diet cake since some of us are watching what we eat.  My mother in law was the one who showed me these cakes and then I did a little research looking different kinds of cakes, people have made.  There are a lot to choose from, but today I decided to go with a blend of mixed berries.  Here’s the link to view more cakes like this one


The cake is good is more of a crumble rather than cake.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the cake, so I would say it was a hit here.  This recipe is not only frugal, but rather cheap too (depending what you use for a filler like berries or apple filling or something else).  For me, the berries were on sale, which made the total cost of this dessert $5.46 & has 16 servings making it $.45/serving.  For the recipe, check out this link.  Her step by step directions are fantastic.

Have you made this cake before?  If so, what version did you make? 


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