Calm Before The Storm

Today, I spent the day getting ready for a blizzard coming our way tonight and lasting till late Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning.  The Northeast will be getting slammed in a little bit, but thankfully we are ready for it.  I used to hate it when it snowed, since we were never prepared, but it’s different when you are ready and waiting.

One thing that happens for me everytime we get ready for a storm like this, is how it gives me a glimpse of our lives, without the ease of electronics, how the people lived way back when, in the olden days.  It makes me realize just how ease we have it nowadays.  But it also makes me aware how much electronics can take away from our lives if we let it for ex. less actual person to person interaction.  So, yes I am thrilled about tonights snow because it gives me some extra time with my family, plus it gives us something to play in.

So here I am, waiting for our blizzard preparing & making sure we have plenty of food & water, keeping candles all in one spot w/ a lighter, checking our inverter making sure it still works…… mention a few things.

Are you in the red zone (blizzard warning zone), going to be hit by the the storm coming to the Northeast?  Are you ready for it?  Are you happy we are finally getting snow?  I seem to be one of the only ones happy about getting this much snow.   What are you doing to prepare for the storm? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Calm Before The Storm

    • Nope, we only got 18 inches or so we. Where I lived (in what is called the Monadnock region of NH), we always get hit harder than most every storm, but the last storm hit the mass borders badly over 2 feet of snow they got & the seacoast had major flooding. But tonight into late Monday night we are supposed to get a another foot of snow, So Feb vacation we will have plenty of snow for tubing, snowman building, & fort making 🙂
      Glad you are prepared. It makes all the difference, or at least it has to me, on how much enjoyment I get out of the storms. Are you guys getting a lot or supposed to get a lot?

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      • We are getting 12-18″. While that might not seem like a lot- here in Chicago we seem to get weather in extremes so getting dumped on like this with the wind thrown in will through everyone into a panic. It has been a pretty easy winter so far and yet all we are doing here in the Midwest is complain. lol


  1. My brother lives in Chicago and yesterday he said he lost power and it was pretty bad. 18″ is a lot unless you are expecting 2.5 feet or more of snow. Then it is disappointing. How you were able to enjoy the snow and no major outages happened your way. We are getting your storm right now and got another 8″ or so of snow so far.


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