Dollar Store Heart Hair Clip & Headband


Every Valentine’s day, I make little things for the kids.  This year I’m didn’t have much of a budget, so I decided to make a few dollar store items.  My 1st project was 2 hair clips & headbands.  This was a simple, easy, & frugal which cost $3.00/for two with some ribbon left over.  I loved how simple they were and how cute they look.  My girls are going to love it.

20150127_132248_Richtone(HDR) (1)

*foam hearts
*headband & hair clip (the one I used had a hair clip, headband, & some hair ties for $1.00)
All of the above items were found at my local Dollar Tree Store.

hot glue a small foam heart unto a larger foam heart
*hot glue the heart to the center of the clip, which will look like this

place a tiny bit of glue on the bottom of one side of the headband
*start wrapping the ribbon around the headband till you reach the end
*glue the other side down & cut the end

And there you have it……..A cute & affordable Valentine’s day  project that anyone can afford and make time for.




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