Happy & Content

Last week, (on January 29th) I turned 35.  Without really realizing it, I was internally freaking out.  I was freaking myself out so badly, the night before my birthday, I felt like I was having a heart attack, or at least what I pictured it would feel like.  Sharp pains on my left side and my arm felt numb.  I thought for sure there was something wrong.  But there wasn’t anything wrong with me.  It was all anxiety, as embarrassing as it is to admit.

Why on Earth was I freaking out?  The thought of being  halfway to 40 (which is crazy to think about), was bothering me a lot.  As I enjoyed my simple but super fun birthday , I kept thinking about my life now & how far I have come.  As i looked deeper and deeper into my life, I realized how happy & content I am.  Why would I let a number bother me when I am at a good place in my life?  Over the course of my birthday, the anxiety I had, melted away.  And in its place was the feeling of contentment, of happiness.  And instead of freaking out about how old I am, I was able to see all the positive things that makes my life full of happiness & contentment.  And in doing this, it made my birthday so much more enjoyable and fun.


7 thoughts on “Happy & Content

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I have a tendency to freak out over those numbers myself so I can relate. I just celebrated (and I use to word ‘celebrated’ loosely!!!) a milestone that I was so freaked out about that I terrified my family and friends to the point that my birthday was hardly acknowledged. (And then I freaked out because it was hardly acknowledged….) I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just a number and nothing more! I’m glad that you were able to enjoy your birthday and get past the hang ups about how “old” you are. 🙂

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