Frugal Ways To Save $


Here’s a list I have been keeping when I come across a frugal idea that I like.  Are you doing or have you tried anything on my list?

-freeze herbs in olive oil or butter
-store brown sugar in freezer to prevent hardening
-bay leaf in flour, pasta, or rice to repel bugs
-sign up for Victoria Secrets mailing list…….get 1 free underwear per month
-fix bra with moleskin foot padding used for corns
-sharpen dull razors on jeans
-make own microwave popcorn
-regrow certain veggies from stubs
-reuse leftover food scraps
-make your own soap and laundry soap
-pour leftover wine in ice cube trays & freeze…….take out when needed
-Keep a jar of dried, used coffee grounds under the sink and use with dish soap as a scouring agent
-Place an open jar or bowl of dried, used coffee grounds in your refrigerator/freezer to neutralize odors
-Spread out old newspaper beneath a tablecloth to provide further protection against spills.
-Once it’s time to retire an old game, use the game board to make coasters or wall decor by framing it
-Use old game pieces – Monopoly movers, dice, Scrabble tiles to make jewelry, presents, or gift tags
-separate the front bushes & put along flower garden (spacing everything out)
-delivery for a CSA for free veggies all spring/summer
-use sample or free trials conditioners to make home detangler
-use free sample all year to make baskets for birthdays & holidays
-put a bucket or two in the shower each time & use that water for your garden
-make changes to your garden to add more space….grow vertical, convert non-garden areas, grow food in front yard, or add edibles to flower beds.
-continue to use cold water for washing machine
-hang clothes out to dry as much as possible
-unplug bigger items when not in use
-have a certain day for weekly baking needs
-Mound used coffee grounds in a ring around garden plants to keep ants and slugs away.
-Keep used tea bags in the refrigerator; in the morning, dampen if needed and put one on each eye
-Dampen cool, used tea bags and place them on insect bites and minor burns; tannis soothe & reduce inflammation
-you can save the tube and cut it into strips for a bonanza of rubber bands in custom widths.
-Cut a length of tube a little longer that the door’s width, fill with sand and seal both ends; keeps drafts out
-Empty pill bottles can be used to tame the mess in junk drawers, tool boxes, etc….
-Pill containers can also hold a stash of Band
-soap slivers- wrap a group of them in a washcloth and tie it into a bundle; sudsing scrubber
-banana peel to shine shoes. Rub the inside of the peel on shoes, then buff with a soft cloth
-Use juiced citrus halves sprinkled with salt to clean stainless steel and other metal fixtures.
-Add a hunk of orange peel to brown sugar to ensure it stays soft
-turn old books into journals
-turn ugly sweater into mittens
-use aluminum foil instead of dryer sheets- which has worked pretty well so far


Do you have any frugal ideas you can share that you use, that helps save you money?



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