TWLD-Feb Check In & March Menu & Workout Plan

It has been awhile since my last post in this series, which you can view here.  It seems to work well for me to do a monthly check in, so that’s what I will do.

Check in stats:
*Starting weight: 238lbs
*January’s weight: 183.5lbs.
*February’s weight: 181.3lbs.
*Feburary’s weight loss: 2.2lbs.
*Weight Loss To Date: 56.7
*Weight Loss Goal: 148lbs.

This month, has been hard on me with my weight loss for a few reasons:
1. We have had storm after storm, followed by extremely cold weathers, then more storms came.  Because of this, I haven’t been able to get out of the house as much as I normally do.  Hopefully, the weather will be more stable, and we will get nicer days.

2. Because of the weather, lack of exercising, & whatever else my energy levels have decreased compared to January.  I didn’t notice till a few days ago, that this month I have been a lot less active which meant I have been a lot more lazy.  This is something I definitely need to work on in the upcoming month.

3. My eating habits haven’t been good at all this month, which is a combination of bad weather, lack of energy, & my laziness.  This upcoming month, I am not allowing myself to continue to eat this way or else I will lose all the hard work I have put in.  I have already made my month’s menu of what I will be eating, which I am sure I will fiddle with as the month goes on.

It’s so hard to find affordable healthy meals, with that in mind, below is my March plan for meals & workout that are healthy & frugal, which I included the website I got the recipes from.  If there isn’t a website listed, then just hop on to Pinterest and look it up, which is what I do.  I hope this is helpful for others looking to eat healthy on a budget, as well as to know what I am doing that has helped me lose as much weight as I have.

March Menu:
-banana foster overnight oats @(supergluemom)
-half banana & half low fat granola bar (homemade)-pre workout
-1 egg white & 1 egg on piece of toast (Ezekiel) w/half clementine-post workout
-frittatas-after longer exercise
-Eggs Benedict w/black bean spread & avocado-after longer exercise-@cookincanuck
-Yogurt Parfait Breakfast w/blueberries & granola- @cookincanuck
-gluten & grain free oatmeal
-Avocado & Green Tea shakes- @(

-spinach & mango salad w/sunflowers & dressing
-Ezekiel bread w/ turkey, avocado, & hummus
-egg wrap w/ham avocado & salsa
-Frittatas w/ pancetta, mushroom, & garlic
-rice n beans n salsa-
-roasted broccoli & chick peas-@teacherchef
cauliflower pizzas- on my pin
tuna or chicken salad on avocado or egg-on my pin

-sweet potato topped w/ kale slaw
-peanut butter & butternut squash mash (nhopi)
-lean protein-fish, chicken, pair w/large portion of veggies & small amount rice
-cilantro lime shrimp-@skinnytastes

-vegan Avocado chocolate muffins @(Twigg Studios)
-chocolate covered kiwi, banana, strawberry pop @ (
-chia pudding w/seeds & nuts on top or with 1 seed & dried crans w/ oranges (from a can)
-coconut trail mix
-fried bananas in coconut oil w/ honey & cinnamon
-raw almonds or cashews
-hummus w/ cucumbers
-piece of fruit
-oven fried pickles-

-slim down detox-watermelon + mint water +cucumber & lime or lemon–drink half gallon each day for 3-5days
-water w/ lemon-@ least 4 cups per day

Workout schedule example:
Monday- walk or biking 1-2 miles
Tuesday-weights for 30 minutes then 30 mins on exercise bike
Wednesday- walk or biking 1-2 miles
Thursday- weights for 30 minutes then 30 mins on exercise bike
Friday- walk 1-2 miles
Saturday- walk or biking for 2 miles
Sunday- day off

What are some of your weight loss struggles or triumphs?  What are some healthy cheap meals you eat?  I’m always looking for new recipes to add to my collection…….


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