Decluttering: Recheck Your Efforts, Recheck Yourself


For the last two weeks, I’ve really made strides in decluttering my home.  I’ve worked extra getting rid of all those unused, unloved, unwanted clothes, or so I thought.  Without realizing it, I just moved one declutting pile/mess to another part of the house (from the closet to the couch in my boys room).  Yes, I had all the intentions of selling or donating each piece, but I never got around to it.  And weeks went by before I came to my realization…… actions didn’t reflect my intentions.  How did I ever think that just because I folded and neatly piled the clothes I wanted to sell or donate, it was decluttering.  Decluttering properly means to get rid of, to de-own what you have because it no longer serves a purpose in your life.  Yet, they were still here.  I have been hanging on to theses clothes like a hoarder for some reason unknown.  Did it stem back from my homeless times?  Is it just because I was to lazy to finish my decluttering job?  Who knows.  All I know is that I’ve recheck my efforts, myself, and realized what I needed to do.  I’ve got my game face on, time for proper action.  , I plan on selling half of my better clothes to a consignment store, hoping to make a little cash from it.
Today, I took time out to go through the clothing on the couch and organized the clothes into three piles: donate, sell at consignment stores, & sell online.  I organized all the clothing, folded it neatly into bags, & took a lint brush to it all.  From there, I had to split the pile that I’m consigning into clothing size 10 and under & 12 and above because the two places I am trying out only does those certain sizes.
Tomorrow, I’m going to my 1st consignment store, hoping to make a little cash from it.  The cash I make will go towards a few great frugal ideas to spruce up my kitchen or in the bank towards my kids summer clothes.  I found a great place that takes all seasons anytime, not just certain things during certain times.  The only problem is that they only take sizes 10 and below.  So the following day, in the opposite direction, I will be consigning the rest of my items.  And I will be completely done with be a clothing hoarder.  Well, until the next time 😉
For further reading check out this great article: Don’t Just Declutter, De-Own.

Do you do the same thing without realizing it when your decluttering?  Or are you more disciplined than me & actually get the job done?

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10 thoughts on “Decluttering: Recheck Your Efforts, Recheck Yourself

  1. I do move piles a lot. I also fill up bags to be donated and then they pile up in the garage until my husband gets sick of the piles and takes them to donate. (It’s not that I’m lazy- it’s just his job to do that. Lol) I wish you the best of luck on your consignment shop visits. I hope you make some money!

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    • Good, glad I am not the only one who moves piles around, lol. But in my case, its a combo of laziness and not realizing I’m not actually decluttering just moving the stuff around my house.
      Thanks, I do hope I make a little cash on this, an extra $50 or more would be great to use for supplies for my kitchen diy that I am doing this week. 🙂

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  2. Great article! I have started my spring cleaning and am working on decluttering. On my own I am a pile mover – but thankfully, my husband is always ready to move those piles out of our lives!

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