Egg Candle Wreath


I stopped decorating for holidays when we bought our house.  The money I was spending was insane & we didn’t have it anymore.  This was problem for me since I wanted a cute 7 cozy house.  I thought about this for awhile & came up with a clever solution.  Instead of decorating for holidays, I’m gonna decorate for the seasons, since there are only four.  And since seasons last longer than holidays, my decor will get more use.
We have gotten slammed with snow & freezing weather the 2nd half of winter.  I, along with everyone else, is dying for Springtime and warmer weather.  Because of this, I have already begun decorating.  But I needed a few more decorations.  Can I tell you how challenging it is to find spring decoration that isn’t Easter related right now.  It has been quite annoying.  So, I broke down and bought some mini eggs to make a cute decoration.
Easter Egg Candle Wreath

mini eggs
glue gun



Gather supplies & start gluing each around to another as you are wrapping the eggs around the candle you will be using. Make sure its as tight a fit as you can get.


Once done your egg wreath will look like this


another view of the done wreath


Isn’t it just cute and colorful?


Now it’s time to add it to the candle stick. You can see how my candle is too small for the stick. But the wreath will cover up this problem.


With the wreath added it helps add a little something to my spring mantle, which I love.


Here’s the right side of my mantel. I had a few extra eggs which I just tossed up on the mantel.


And here is the left side of my mantel

~Voila.  Spring is in the house!!


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