St. Patty’s Day Rainbow Pearl Pudding w/ Recipe

Food is such a big part of our family, since we all love to eat.  I love to cook & bake, try new ethnic dishes, & experiment with different flavors & ingredients all while trying to stay on the healthier side.  But every now and then, junk food is always welcomed.  I’ve been wanting to put up recipes for awhile now, but I just haven’t had the time.  Now, that things are slowing down, I am hoping to add a new recipe at least once a week.  Today I am sharing a new recipe I made, using rainbow tapioca pearls in celebration of St. Patty’s Day, which is only a few days away.  ~Enjoy~

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Have you seen large rainbow tapioca pearls before?  I 1st came across them at a Asian/Spanish store, that I went exploring in one day.  I’ve never seen anything like them before and knew I had to get them.  But had no idea what I wanted to do with them because I have no idea what they taste like.  Are they the same flavor as regular tapioca or do they taste fruity?  For some reason, I associate fruity with colors.

Rainbow Pearl Pudding:
*1/2c large tapioca pearls ( i used rainbow but any will do)
*3c coconut milk
*1/4 tsp. salt
*1/4c honey (or more depending on how sweet you like it)
*1 tsp. vanilla ( I used 2 tsp but we love vanilla anything)
*1 teaspoon cornstarch with 1 tablespoon water mixed in

*Soak pearls in 1 cup of coconut (or whatever milk u are using) overnight or no less than 4 hrs.
*Dump the pearls & milk it soaked in, in a pan adding 2 more cups of milk.  Bring to a boil.
*Once boiling add vanilla & honey.  Stir frequently so not to burn the pudding for 10 mins.  Don’t worry if your pudding isn’t think, it will thicken at the next step.
*Add in the cornstarch/water mix & cook for another 5-8 mins.
*Let chill for a few hours before serving unless you eat it hot.
~Serve & enjoy~
What are some other ways I could use up the pearls?  Any recipe suggestions?  I’m always lookout for new ideas.
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2 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Day Rainbow Pearl Pudding w/ Recipe

  1. Sounds interesting. Tapioca is one of those foods I have to be in the mood for.
    Thank you for tossing your hat into the ring at the Party Under The Big Top! I hope to see you again next week!


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