Decluttering: No Room For Drama

Yesterday, an acquaintance of mine made an interesting comment to me about my 1st grader and how I parent her.  She said that her daughter would love a play date with my daughter because she is always talking about how nice she is and how she is completely drama free.  That my daughter doesn’t ever engage in any drama at school with her peers.  And whatever I am doing as a parent to have her behave like this,  I am doing a great job.  I smiled and said thank you and ran down the hall because I was late for lunch duty.  But her comment really got me thinking.
We are a society that thrives on drama.  Just look around and you’ll see what I mean.  From tv shows to magazines to mom’s talking at pickup, there is always drama.  We use drama as a distraction in our lives, to fill a void.  But what we don’t realize, is that this distraction has major consequences which in turn, makes us miserable, sad, unhappy, discontent etc.
For years, I had a very drama filled life.  It seemed like I was constantly having some sort of drama crisis.  Wherever I went, it followed me, like this invisible cloud.  I used to joke that I had such bad luck because anything that could happen, happened.  This was very draining and in turn made caused me more stress, less happiness, & made my discontent grew each day.  It ate away at me over the years, till one day I had enough.  I no longer recognized the person I was.  I knew there was more to life than how I was living, if you can even call it that.  My life wasn’t the life I wanted or envisioned.
Slowly, I began weeding out all the unnecessary noise, which included the drama that plagued my life.  This one step alone has completely transformed my life, myself, & the way I parent.  Because of this step, I have less drama, less stress, less distractions to take away from the important people & things that I now choose to fill my life with.  I have time to engage & develop meaningful relationships with quality people, to breath and enjoy the simple moments given to me, & to continue on with my journey of finding the beauty in living the simple life.
Thinking back to the comment about my parenting the only thing I can say is that I am living by example.  My children see everyday how I filter the noise out, how I don’t engage in the drama or negativity that’s out there, how I make a conscience effort to enjoy the life I have, and how I say no to the drama.

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it.  If we’re frantic, life will be frantic.  If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful.” ~Marianne Williams



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4 thoughts on “Decluttering: No Room For Drama

  1. Yes, we certainly are a society that thrives on drama. Sometimes life can be dramatic, but that doesn’t mean we have to make episodes out of it. I think if you can take something away from it, instead of falling victim to it, that you’re on the right track.
    Keep up the good work, Momma.

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  2. That’s a great compliment any mother could get! It certainly is glaring that drama does play a big role in most society – too much and it becomes ridiculous. Your daughter could only follow a good example And I’m sure you are proud of her. Kudos, momma! 😊

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