Having Fun With St. Patrick’s Day

I’m Irish, the percentage I’m not quite sure.   It’s something like 40, 60, or 80%.  But mentally, I’m 99.9% Irish.  I love everything from their culture to their food, to their beautiful castles & landscapes and so on.
With every St. Patrick’s day, we do a few simple things as our way of celebrating it.  My 3 older ones didn’t participate since they said they are too old for it (in my opinion you’re never to old to have fun) so it was just the two little ones & I having all the fun.  To keep with the spirit of fun, I’m letting the images tell you our day’s story.  Oh and don’t worry, our boiled dinner is cooking while we had our fun.  And we even had a 5 min hail storm to boot. 🙂

_RYA0130 _RYA0111  _RYA0140 (2) _RYA0132   _RYA0133 (2)_RYA0125_RYA0119_RYA0129

Hope everyone has had a Happy Fun St. Patrick’s Day!!
Did you do anything today to celebrate St. Patty’s Day?

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