8 Ways To Change Your Mindset & Get Out Of Hibernation Mode

This winter has been rougher than the previous, with colder than normal temperatures and back to back snowstorms.  Living in this for the past few months has really gotten a lot of people down, including myself at times.  We have all been in a sort of hibernation mode, staying indoors with our families, not venturing out much.  What fun is it to play in 5 degree weather?
But with the official starting of Spring this Friday, it’s time to say good-bye to rough winter & embrace spring with all its promises.  Need some ideas on ways to beat your winter blues, here’s 12 that has worked for me in no particular order.

1. Incorporate more music in your everyday
Music can be so uplifting, brightening your days, & increasing your happiness.

2. Get outdoors
Push yourself to get out of the house with walks, drives, or whatever just as long as you are out of your house & enjoying the fresh air.

3. Enjoy the local farmer’s markets
Soon, the local markets will be opening up with their spring arsenal of fresh veggies, honey, jams, etc.  Get to know your local grower & where your food comes from as well as any other amenities that your local farmer’s markets have to offer.

4. Eat healthier
Now is the time to restart your resolutions to eat healthier.  Try some simple recipes or go on Pinterest to get some ideas.

5. Go hiking & explore mother nature
There’s nothing like a good hike to get your mojo back.  Try different trails in your area and towns around you.  For me this means about 20+ trails to choose from since I live in a small town & surrounded by numerous small towns.  Plus, I’ve got two mountains to choose for

6. Restart your hobby or try a few new ones
Finding something you enjoy and doing it on a regular basis is very uplifting.  When I accomplish something with my hobbies, like taking an amazing pic or making something I love out of wood (wood crafts are my favorite things to make) gives me a sense of pride & joy.

7. Have a do nothing time planned in your week
Make it a point to chisel out a block of time, no less than 20 mins, to do absolutely nothing.  Don’t play on your phone, watch tv, or go on computer.  Just be in the now and do nothing.

8. Volunteer or spend time with loved ones (friends, family, and/or both)
Being active & out with others will help lift those winter blues, whether it’s volunteering, spending time with friends, or family.

What are other ways to beat the winter blues?  Any creative ideas?


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