Healthy Living Can Be Unhealthy

Short post today, since I’m not feeling well.  I am leaving you with my thoughts on people taking their healthy living journey to the extremes.

If you’ve been on here long enough you know that being healthy is just as important to me as being frugal.  It’s important to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain your health.  It’s important to do your research and continue your health education as our world changes.  Worrying about the chemicals in our foods is completely understandable, so grow your own or buy organic.  But letting your worry manifest into an unhealthy obsession can take over yours and your family’s life.  If you’re not careful, this your obsession can bring unhealthy consequences which defeats your original purposing of living a healthy life.  Last week I overheard something I reminded me on how far some people take their healthy journey.
I was in parent pick up line last week and I overheard a few moms talk about eating healthy & what they pack their kids for lunch.  The moms were so proud to send their kids with things that I thought were a little odd like strips of seaweed with water as their only snack.  But to each their own.  Then they went on to say how they are happy they taught their kids that if they eat foods that “normal” people eat, it will really harm them.  Their kids are so afraid of food that they would rather go hungry than eat something their parents wouldn’t allow.  I tried hard not to pass judgement, but why on earth would any parent want to put so much anxiety about food onto their children?  Could this cause their kids to develop unhealthy relationship with food down the road?  Or an unhealthy body image?  What do you think?


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