11 Ways To Simplify Easter


1. Make it about the lord rather than the Easter bunny & what they get in their baskets
Easter isn’t about the Easter bunny & how many little things we can cram into their baskets.  Instead, put the main focus back into the lord.  That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do baskets, it just means to shift your focus.

2. Spend time with family
It’s important for us to spend time with our family.  We use this time doing fun family activities.

3.Hide their baskets turning it into a game
Got older kids?  Try hiding their baskets turning it into a game

4. Easter dinner isn’t about the ham so be open to cheaper food options
Don’t get too caught up with making a traditional ham meal.  Instead, find new more affordable ideas to create a cheaper menu.

5. Some fun activities ideas
 go on a walk or a hike, play games, do a craft etc….something you all do together

6. Have everyone get involved with something
Have the kids be responsible for something whether it’s helping with the food, setting the table, getting all the craft supplies ready, or finding the games…….make it a family event.

7. Buying an Easter outfit go to a consignment/thrift store or get a dress they can wear all spring/summer
I usually find great deals on dresses for my two little ones, spending around $5/ea.  I 1st check stores like Burlington Coat Factory or Kids R Us for their clearance or cheap dresses.  I don’t by special occasion dresses since my kids would only wear it once or twice.  To me this is a waste of my money.  Instead I find the cutest spring/summer dresses, making sure it’s something they can wear through the seasons.  That way I get more bang for my buck.  But if I can’t find anything new, I then check out local consignment or thrift stores.  There hasn’t ever been a year where I couldn’t find an outfit.

8. Do a potluck lunch or dinner

Got a small budget, no problem.  Host a potluck and have someone bring something that way one person isn’t responsible for it all.

9. Decorations: don’t by Easter decorations  buy springtime decor instead
Why buy decor you can only put up for a short period of time?  Instead buy spring decor & add in a few Easter decor from the dollar store if you want something Easter.  Sometimes it’s hard to find spring decor during Easter, if that’s the case just buy decor in springtime colors light pastel blue, pink, yellow, greens.

10. Shop dollar stores for a few cheap decorations you can incorporate into your spring themed decor
Looking for decor but don’t want to spend a fortune.  Check out your local dollar store, you might be surprised.  This year I found cute mini colored eggs I used to make candle wreaths.  Then the extras I just scattered across my mantel.  Viola there’s my Easter decor that fits well with my spring decor.  And it’s super easy to remove when the holiday is over.

11.  Create a spring/summer themed basket instead of Easter themed
Instead of buying Easter themed items, I buy things my children can use in the nice weather like a sand bucket as a basket and i include things like bubbles, jump ropes, chalk, kites, sunglasses etc.  This way not only are they receiving a basket of gifts, they are getting things they can use for a long time, instead of using it for a day or two.

Bonus #1-Older kids basket ideas
For older kids, you wouldn’t buy summer things because they wouldn’t want them.  Instead make a teen basket filled with things they use regularly like soaps, lotions,deodorants etc.  And throw in some candy to make it fun.  This way they have things they need or want & they get a holiday basket.  

Bonus #2: Enter Coloring Contest
Some stores do a coloring contest where the kids can enter to win a prize.  We won one two years ago and got an awesome $25 gift card to Build A Bear.

How are you simplifying your holiday?  Any helpful tips or ideas?


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7 thoughts on “11 Ways To Simplify Easter

  1. Your blog speaks to me. I feel the same way. We live quite frugally so we can do the things we love such as have shared experiences both locally and far away. I am much less about possessions and more about memorable times together. I look forward to following you. Happy blogging, Cheryl


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  5. Great ideas for a simple Easter, love the dress shopping idea, I used to make my girls a dress for Easter, boy that was a long time ago. And your right the meal does not have to be centered around ham, so many other choices.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!


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