11 Ways To Increase Your Happiness


Happiness is something we all strive for with our lives.  All too often we get caught up with one thing or another that steals pieces of happiness whether it’s due to stress, drama, over booked, burn out etc.  As the weather gets warmer, lets think of numerous ways to increase our happiness so we are truly able to enjoy the nice days ahead.  Below are 11 ideas that can help you increase the joy in your life.

1. Realize “real” life isn’t what you see on TV
Growing up, I really did think my knight in shining armor would rescue me from all the hardships I dealt with early on.  I always thought someone would save me from the pain and suffering I endured.  But as adults, we know all to well, life isn’t a fairy tale, no matter how it looks from the outside.  Don’t get caught up with unrealistic expectations and miss out on the now, on the life you built.

2. Retrain your mind
Living to long in negative land will warp your mind & have you think of negative things every time something happens.  Instead, stop yourself, and retrain your mind to think of positive things during these times.  At first this will seem weird & unnatural.  But over time you can change your mindset and start thinking more positive.

3. Do something for someone else just because
Giving back, helping others, or volunteering are great ways to increase your contentment which in turn increases your happiness.  As the old saying goes “the world doesn’t revolve around you.”  It feels nice to help others without having an agenda.  And who knows what doors that will open because of it.

4. Keep a motivation/inspirational journal
Journaling is something I have always done in one form or another.  Years ago, I changed this habit because I wanted to do something more uplifting, more positive.  That’s when I created my motivational journal.  This has newspaper clips, magazine clips, writing, drawings, painting, pics etc.  Every time I need a pick me up I refer to my journal.  I have a painted page with all my positive traits on it for when I’m feeling sad or having a pity party.  Or if I have a thought I don’t want to forget like my top 10 places to visit one day or starting my own creative business.  I will accomplish both one day, just not today.  This journal keeps me ideas for me till I am ready to act upon them.  This single habit has brought me a lot of contentment over the years.

5. Spend time alone
Being with people all the time, never getting any time to ourselves, will eventually drain us.  Spending time alone will help you reconnect with yourself, recharge your battery, & appreciate who you are.

6. Get to know yourself 
Dig deep and really get to know yourself which you can do through exploration, activities, mediation etc.

7. Live in the present……..in the now 
Too often I think we get caught up in the past or the future and forget to enjoy & live in our present.  When we do this, we are stealing futures joys and contentment from ourselves.  Enjoy the present, live in it, & be thankful you have another day here with your loved ones.

8. There is always someone who has it worse than you 
As a kid, I used to hate it when my dad said, ” your problems aren’t really problems.  There are others who have real problems.”  Your problems are big to you but overall small on a global scale.  Realize that there are numerous people on our planet who are suffering everyday from lack of food, violence,

9. Stop dwelling over the could have, should have, & would have
Stop replaying a scene over and over in your head thinking about what should have or could have or would have happened.  The scene has already played out, stop over thinking, analyzing, stressing out about something that was beyond your control.  Move on before it steals pieces of happiness from your present life.

10. Be appreciative
Think back 10 or 20 years ago.  Would you have wished to have what you have right now?  The life I lead now, would be something I wished for 10 or 20 years ago.  Having the family I always wanted was number 1 on my list.  And because of this, I am appreciative for all I have, especially on my bad days.

11. Small things matter the most
Hasn’t anyone ever told you, it’s the small things in life that matter the most?  Don’t over look the mundane in your everyday.  Those are the moments you won’t forget, that will bring a smile to your face years later.
What are some other ways that help to increase your happiness?  What else can you add to my list?  What has worked for you in your life?


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