A is for Art

The art of simple living is being able to pursue and enjoy the things in life that are most important to you, while taking out the things that aren’t.  Not letting things, obligations, commitment, possessions, stresses or whatever take away from the important things that add meaning & value to your life.

Simple living look a little bit different to everyone, whether you’re a minimalist, farmer, or someone who wants to slow down and enjoy life.  Whether you live in the city, suburbia, or the country, it doesn’t matter.  For me living simple have 7 main categories:

embracing frugality through recipes, diy, & helpful information that helps me learn to save & refocusing our $ to where it is important to us like traveling and vacations, for example.

understand simplicity

exploring & traveling the world around us

implementing minimalism in different areas of my life

becoming more self-sufficient with my homestead

using the inspiration I find as fuel to spark creativity within me

living healthy– we need to take care of ourselves & nourish our mind, body, & spirit

What does simple living mean to you?  What does it look like?  Are there common threads we share?

Today marks the 1st day of a month-long challenge that I’m taking part in called Blogging A to Z.  If you’re looking me up on the list, I am #1121.  My theme for this month is simple living.  Are you doing the challenge?  Leave me a comment so I can follow along.  Feel free to share with me any ideas, thoughts, or topics of interest you would like me to cover. Join me each day for my Living Intentionally Simple A to Z.  



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10 thoughts on “A is for Art

  1. Wonderful. I can’t read your other posts. It kind of goes along with my theme this month of Bliss, and simplicity is tops on that list. You’ve pretty much covered it. I definitely have too much going on but I’m not sure how to stop the ball from rolling down the hill. Looking forward to your future simplicity posts. #a2zchallenge


  2. I love this topic, and I’ve been aiming to live a simple, fulfilling life for a while now. I’m blogging about how/why artists should practice their craft daily, and I think we might have some similar stories, like about appreciating what you have (in terms of talent or time) before striving for something else. I’ll be back for “B” tomorrow! Thanks!!

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    • What a great thing to blog about. I will def be visiting over the weekend. Yes, I do think we would have similar stories and share similar ideas. Thanks for visiting and I look forwards talking with you some more>


  3. I am a minimalist and I can easily relate with your list. Except for traveling which is a luxury for me to do at the moment. However when I have the precious chance, I go back to category 1 and exercise frugality in every way I can 🙂

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  4. I absolutely love this theme! Living more simply is something I always think I “need” to do but have NO idea how to get started with our lives as crazy as they are! I really look forward to reading more on this blog! I also discovered your other blog at Ever Changing and am really enjoying your creative writing as well!! 🙂

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    • Thank you 🙂
      The harder part for me was to actually start with my goals of living simple. And that kept me from starting my journey till a few years ago. When I got sick, everything was put into focus and given a second chance, I needed to do things different.
      Oh awesome, I’m glad you got to visit my other one, which is completely different than this one. I love sharing my creativity with others who enjoy it. Thanks for visiting, I look forwards to talk to you more.

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