Health is a very important aspect of living simple since it touches everything I do through my physical, mental, & spiritual well being.  If those are not inline with one another, it can throw off my entire self, which in turns impacts my days & what I get accomplished.  Being in a poor health state can undermine everything that I have worked hard towards.  That’s why it’s so important to take care of ourselves as a whole, not just concentrating on one area.

**just a side note here-  I am not a Dr nor a health care professional.  I’m just someone who has been really sick with a chronic illness, that has made it through to the other side.  And sharing my experiences gained through that.**
What does taking care of your whole self look like?  Everyone is different but for me I break it down into the 3 areas: physical, mental, & spiritual.   And since you all know I’m a list gal, I write down different ideas in each category that help me to stay on the right track or help me to get back on track.  We are only human and because of this, we know that slip ups or cheat days are perfectly fine.  Just don’t make those days a habit and turn them into your every day.  Here’s an example of what my list would look like:

*cut out a few carbs & replace it with a healthy alternative
*walk @ least 3x per week
*cut out
*plan simple healthy meals for 1 week….keep it simple with only 2 options per meal, tha’t what I do
*drink more water
*1x per month go on a family hike (in warmer weather)

*have kids help out more around the house so the burden doesn’t just lie with me
*write a little bit every day
*go out & take pics @ least 2x per week
*talk to someone when needed….a friend, a counselor etc.
*take 5 mins me time when I feel stressed
*reduce stress by taking out 1 toxic thing
*do something fun by myself @ least 1x per week (hobbies work great for this)

*learn helpful meditation techniques
*learn & use relaxation techniques
*practicing forgiveness & compassion
*showing my children through my example
*incorporating my beliefs in my daily life

What would you have on your list?

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5 thoughts on “Health

  1. My list has to include lots of fruit, green tea, reading, sweating and some laughter. Without some of those, I feel off balance. I liked your lists. Motivates me to do even more, particularly on the spiritual side. I always want to do yoga and start and then stop. Don’t know why. Happy relaxing, Cheryl

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    • Your list is great. Green tea is wonderful, a few years ago, I started baking with it and love it! I myself need to add laughter to my list. I’m with you as my spiritual side doesn’t get as much attention as the other two. So I’m working to improve this.

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  2. You have some wonderful ideas for improving your health on your list!
    I especially love reduce stress by taking out 1 toxic thing – that has served me well over the years!

    Right now two big things are trying to rest when my body needs it and to spend as much time with my family as I’m able to (my family keeps irregular hours so that’s often challenging!)

    The one I’d like to work on most is adding more fun into my days!

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    • That’s a great one, we all need fun in our days. Our family also has irregular hours, which it does making things challenging. It doesn’t help that hubby works the worst hours possible……..nights, weekend, & holidays. I need to work more on resting, since sometimes I forget how important that is.


  3. hello! I’m popping in from the a-z and I love finding other believers in the blogosphere! I’m sorry to read about your stomach issues. I deal with fibromyalgia off and on, and I’m trying to eat better and become more disciplined about making my life simpler too. So I can relate! You have a nice blog with topics I like. I had hoped to follow you on facebook, but I don’t see a link for that. Are you on fb? Let me know. I’d like to stay in touch! Come visit me, if you’d like:


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