If You Could Travel Anywhere, Were Would You Go?

**this post is part of my Silver lining Sunday**
Imagine for a minute you could travel anywhere in the world, where do you see yourself going?  What are your reasons or motivation behind the places you have chosen.

For me Ireland, is hands down my number 1 place to visit.  I hope within the next 5 years, I am able to accomplish this goal.  If I work towards it, saving as much as I can, where I can, I know this will become a reality.  I can’t wait till I am able to photograph this beautiful country, I grew up loving.
Growing up, this was a place my dad always wanted to go and showed me the culture, food, history, music, dancing etc., getting me hooked on it.  My dad always shared that we have ancestors there and how we have a county named after them, the Joyce country, which if you didn’t know consists of regions in the Galway & Mayo counties.  And to make it even cooler, we have our own coat of arms & family crest.  Now, you can see why I’m in love with this mysterious & beautiful country.  What to know where else I would go, check out my top 10 places I will explore in the world:
**1. Ireland**

Breathtaking Ireland

via Real Wanderlust

2. Iceland

via Men Stylee

3. Wales & Scotland

via Pinterest

Here’s the remaining places on my list:

4. Austria, Denmark, & Holland

5. Spain & Greece

6. Australia & New Zealand

7. Romania

8. Bolivia

9. Argentina

10. Japan

Once I went to the above places, I would explore unique places that are less traveled.   If you could travel anywhere, where would you go & why?  Please take a moment to share with one another, places of interest or desire since there is so much in the world to discover.  Add a comment, link, or pic in the comment section below.  Let’s all travel the world through one another and see where it takes us.

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17 thoughts on “If You Could Travel Anywhere, Were Would You Go?

  1. oh my goshhhh. I was just going to type in IRELAND in the comments and move on.. but then I decided to READ your amazing post, and realized you ALSO want to go to Ireland. GAHH I hope your dream is realized, and if you have enough money – that you take a complete stranger along. (ME!!)


  2. Ahh this is the question that I wrestle with each and everyday. My favourite question to ask everyone. As I have been lucky to travel quite a bit, I think my top is a country I haven’t been to which would be either Zambia or Botswana for the animal viewing in the free; where it should be. For countries that I have seen and would like to return to the list is endless as well- India, Cambodia, Nepal, Bolivia, and Ecuador. On any given day, my answers change! Hope you get to Ireland too. I am sure you will when you want it so bad.


      • The salar de uyuni, I think it is called… salt desert, moon scapes, blue blue water, mountains… it is really really otherworldly like no other place I have ever seen. I also really enjoyed the capital city with its very up and down hills (lot of stops needed due to altitude) and its witch market with very strange things for sale. I also did the jungle there and really enjoyed fishing for piranha. For photography it would be stunning.


  3. You’re very lucky, most of your list connects by train!

    My top is New Zealand, there’s a mystique and beauty to it that draws me in.
    Next is Brasil, again. The Amazon this time, Manaus and Petrolina. Fit the same reasons as NZ, plus a warm and vibrant culture that I miss.
    Finally, Belize. It’s a disneyland for cavers and climbers, and the beaches are beautiful!


    • Yes, I am since most of my places are in Europe. New Zealand is beautiful, def a place to travel too. I’ve never heard of Manaus or Petrolina I’m going to have to look those two places up. Belize was a place growing up I wanted to go, since at one time it was known as the party capital of the world. I’ve never thought about going there for the caves.


  4. Super list! I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of traveling – only “trouble” is the more I do, the more I want to do! Sometimes my list depends on my mood. Tops for me include exploring every inch of London or (when life is making me weary) basking in the Tuscan sun. Hope you get to every spot on your list!


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