The Perfect Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day, which got me thinking about my family & what the perfect day would look like with them.  Life is messy and imperfect, which is the beauty of it.  But there are certain things, I would add to make my day better.  As well as things I would take away from my day, to increase my happiness.  You know those little annoyances that drive nuts like the kids asking for the 100th time, ” Are we there yet?”  With that being said, if I could plan the perfect day, my day would include the following 9 things:

*waking up to smiling happy kids & hubby
*taking the kayaks out in the morning for a quick trip

*No fighting, whining, complaining, accidentally hitting, pushing,or giving each other the stink face
*Everyone laughing & enjoying themselves at least 75% of the day
*No one asking me 10 times before 10am what’s for dinner
*going a hike or bike ride as a family
*Rosco not picking apart the trash the moment we step outside

*going out for ice cream while we watch it melt all over our little Ari Berri 
*ending my night with 6 I love you’s from the 6 most important people in my life
If you could make the perfect day, what would your day look like?

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8 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. Hmm, tough question. A perfect day would be for me – a day when my family is together happy and content in the moment. No tension – just contentment. Sounds like a small order but it’s a big thing to accomplish sometimes 🙂 great post.
    Happy Mothers Day!

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  2. I hope you get your perfect day this Sunday. Did you show this post to those who can make it happen? hint hint My favourite perfect day is when my family is together exploring some place new… anywhere.. just a place that is engaging and refreshing and brings us closer together.

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  3. Thank you, even 1 thing on my list would be nice. I couldn’t agree with you more, it is refreshing to explore or go on an adventure. Exploring a new place is great, but for me sometimes it’s hard to do with my entire family, since my hubby doesn’t enjoy exploring as much as I do unless it’s about fishing.


  4. The perfect day for me is to be with my son and daughters for Mothers Day, but they live in different cities.
    I hope your family reads your blog and provides you with a great day of peace calm and enjoyment!
    Happy Mothers Day Sarah!!

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