TWLD-Day 2: 10 Helpful Tips for Developing a Healthy Relationship With Food

Here’s my Throwback Thursday Post.  Everything on this post, I still continue to do and to date I have lost 58 pounds.

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Living Intentionally Simple

Dieting, never works for anyone in the long run.  Sure, you may be lucky enough to lose weight, but once you go off the diet, you tend to gain the weight back and sometimes gain more.  It’s a very frustrating path, that I didn’t want to take.  But where does one start?

Before I go any further, I need to explain a little bit about myself, so you can understand where I come from.  I was a child who had a little baby fat, but nothing out of the ordinary.  As a teen till about 31 yrs old, I was thin, very thin.  I remember after having my 3rd child, and walking out looking fantastic and super thin.  I couldn’t gain weight, only if I was pregnant.  People always said to me ” must be nice!”  But in fact it wasn’t.  If I did eat all the time, picking like…

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