Don’t Miss The Beauty of Simple

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Yesterday I hosted my daughter’s 6th birthday party.  We opened our home (which was clean & clutter free) to 15 kids and a handful of parents for a few hours.  It was a simple celebration with lots of food, fun, laughing, & sunshine.  Since I kept it simple, I wasn’t stressed or overwhelmed like so many times before.  This year, I have fully embraced my simple living with the kinds of celebrations we have.
I asked my daughter about her party and with a huge smile, she told me how much fun she had with all her friends.  She felt special, that the day was hers.  All my goals were accomplished.  Yay me!   But during the party, a few kids & parents got me wondering a few things.  Why do people have to nit pick other people, their homes, & what they do for their children apart?  Why do children have the expectation of these expensive, grand, over the top parties?  Why do parents discourage simple?    
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Out of the goodness of my heart and in honor of my daughter I opened up our home to a few friends and a lot of strangers.  What did I get in return?  A mother who keep eyeballing everywhere she went, as if taking mental note of what’s not up to par in her eyes or a child complaining there wasn’t any candy & or another child complaining that the cups we had didn’t match and she wouldn’t use them or a few parents who kept pointing to different areas of my house and whispering together as if to take note of things I needed to fix.
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Now don’t get me wrong, nothing ruined the day for me or my daughter.  I didn’t let it bother me because I didn’t over analyze it.  I just brushed it off and continued on with the party.  If they chose act like this, then so be it.  The rest of us, enjoyed my “Fun In The Sun W/ Minions” party.  In all actuality, I felt bad for these people & their children because of their expectations, they are missing out on the beauty of simple.  I think somewhere along the way they forgot, it’s the simple things that we cherish and hold close to our hearts, not the party favors or how the cups didn’t match.  The smiles, joys, & laughter from a life well lived, is what we carry with us, each and every day.
~Don’t miss the beauty of simple~

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Miss The Beauty of Simple

  1. Oh boy. That is a sad state of affairs. Simple means more fun usually for kids. Less stuff to whine about and get caught up in. I think your self-confidence in opening your home and being who you are might have caught others off guard. It is the experience that shines through…. not the stuff or the candy or the cups.

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  2. It’s silly the stuff that catches some people’s eyes and dominates their attention. And it’s sad the things they (we?) are willing to miss out on while fixating on stuff that just doesn’t matter.
    My daughter turns 16 this year, and I’m struggling with conflicting thoughts of what “Sweet 16” is supposed to look like (according to our society) and what we can afford. I think I’m lucky and she’s the sort of grrl who will invite a few friends over to the sports complex for several hours of wild abandon. Then we’ll have cake. I’m sure there will be some judgment served up along the way, because “that’s not sweet 16!” But if my sweetie Bee is happy, that’s what counts.

    Sounds like your daughter had a great time. 🙂

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    • Oh the sweet 16 thing plagued me this year too with my son. We opted for a simple celebration and he didn’t feel left out or that he missed something. And my wallet thanked me later. But as you stated there is way to much hype over the whole sweet 16 thing. What you have planned sounds great and I’m sure she’ll love it. And feel exactly as my son did.
      And of course there will be judgement from someone somewhere. People tend to knock down others who don’t follow suit or that they can’t understand. But like you said as long as your daughter is happy who cares about the rest. What I don’t understand is why more people aren’t excited about simple celebrations instead they encourage people to spend a fortune when they can’t afford it. It makes no sense to me. Why spend money you don’t have on things that don’t matter just to please or impress others?
      Thanks for visiting. 🙂


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