13 Healthy Living Hacks


Since, I’ve started my weight lost journey, I’ve made it a point to keep up with living as healthy as possible.  Sure, I have my moments of cheating but I made it a point to not let it turn into a lifestyle.  Instead, I’ve worked hard to keep up with living healthier.
Over the course of a year, I learned a few clever trick or hacks that have made my life a little easier, a little tastier.  To date, I’ve lost a total of 58lbs after I was told losing anything would be next to impossible because it was medically induced.  Below are a few clever solutions that help keep me on track and eventually get me to my ultimate goal of 148lbs.  Only 32lbs to go!

1. Green salsa is the only condiment you will ever need 
I use a certain green salsa for everything.  I am not fond of chicken, i add the salsa, ate too many eggs I add the salsa.  It works for everything and adds a little umph to my food, which I need sometimes.  Just be aware of the ingreidents and read the label before purchasing.  Sugar is added to so many things nowadays, just be careful.

2. Give your water some texture
As weird as this sounds, I don’t like taste or consistency of water.  It’s a sensory issue of mine so to improvise, I add chia seeds and a slice of lemon to it.  Viola problem solved.  If you add chia or flax seeds, be aware after a little bit, the seeds get a gel coating around them.  Hence why people use them in jams, no need for pectin.

3. Use veggies in place of pasta
Whatever you use pasta in, you can replace it with veggies.  The onlly thing limiting you, is your imagination.  There isn’t a need to use pasta unless you are too lazy to cut up a few veggies and do a little leg work.  It’s not as simple as boiling a pot of water.

4. Find a walking buddy
My walking buddy actually found me and then I acquired a few more along the way.  Even when they can’t, I try hard to stick with it as much as I can.

5. Make veggie fries
You will be amazed at all the veggies you can turn into fries.  Just quickly pop on Pinterest or use your imagination and come up with some fun new veggie fries.  No need to

6. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe
This might seem weird to add in this list, but this is all about your mental state.  A pop of color is known to make people happier.  Don’t wear black, brown, & white every day of your life.

7. Use veggies in place of crusts
This is one tip that I just love.  I use veggie for crusts all the time.  I make quiches with spaghetti squash crust or make them with sweet potato crust.

8. Having trouble sleeping, use natural ways to aide you
If you have sleeping problems like I do, then find a natural way to combat it whether it’s taking melatonin or drinking tea or taking a hot bath.  Find what works for you and incorporate it into your every day.

9. Learn healthy ways to relieve stress
Learning how to relieve stress in a positive way will only help you.  All to often we let our daily stresses get the better of us and in turn ruin our days, weeks etc.  Instead, find ways you can relieve stress in a positive way.  For me, when I am overwhelmed and completely stressed I will write or stop what I’m doing to take pictures, or jump in my car and blare the music.  We need to be able to take breaks in order to take care of ourselves.

10. Prepare food ahead of time 
This one has helped me but I haven’t always done the best with it.  I’m working on this more, trying to prepare my veggies & meats ahead of time, making it easier on me during the week.

11. Hemp hearts, chia seeds, & flax seeds are your newest friend
I use these in all sorts of things from side dishes to desserts to breakfast.  They are a great way to increase nutrients that you body needs.  You can also use these in place of breadcrumbs making your meals healthier.

12. Switch out soy sauce for coconut aminos 
If you haven’t tried coconut aminos, you really should.  I prefer the taste and love cooking or using it as a dipping sauce.

13. Find a form of exercise you truly enjoy 
Exercise is important in our lives, but not everyone needs to run to be healthy.  Find whatever exercise you enjoy and do it.  There is no need to compare & do what others are doing.  As long as you enjoy it, you will more likely stick with it for the long run.  For me, I like walking and biking so that’s what I do.  Sure, I probably would be losing more weight with running but I don’t like it so I know I wouldn’t stick with it.

Got any helpful tips or advice you can add?  What has helped you to live a healthier life? 

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30 thoughts on “13 Healthy Living Hacks

  1. Love these tips! Good reminders about small things you can do to be healthier! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from the Friendship Friday blog party.


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  4. Thank you for this post, great ides.. I absolutely agree and especially with No 13.. I don’t like exercise at all, but I started doing some boxercise and LOVE it, I couldn’t wait to go to the next training, so definitely find something you like – there are so many to choose from!! Thanks for sharing and for c-hosting, Evija at From Evija with Love xx


    • We are def in sync with one another 🙂 I can”t wait to read your article because without having a walking buddy, I wouldn’t have lost as much weight as I have. She def helped me get out the door a lot more. Thanks for visiting, see you next week 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. Hi Sera, This is an excellent post! You’ve reminded me, that with Summer, I’ve been wanting to prep my lunch meals ahead of time, to take the stress of trying to eat healthier, but not having the time, and I’ve been wanting to try Coconut Aminos, but wondering how it tastes?? It’s a pleasure co-hosting again with you this week at #OMHGWW! Hope you have a great week!!


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    • I live on green salsa, LOL. It took me a while to find one I liked but now I’m lost without it.
      I think that’s awesome you did that for your daughter’s birthday party. What a good mamma!!


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  10. Great tips you have here. I know I need to be more disciplined. Some of your food items I have never heard of, so I’m going to google of a few of them. Looking forward to getting started on putting some of your advice to action. Great co-hosting with you OHMG’s Wordless Wednesday.


  11. Haha, when I first clicked this, I thought it said “Healthy living SNACKS”. Guess you can tell where my mind is. =) I definitely agree with the vegetable fries. I made zucchini fries once and they were awesome. I was the only one who thought so, though.


  12. Yes to all of these! Though I still can’t seem to get fully on board with coconut aminos. I think it’s one my taste buds ha d to get use to. It doesn’t taste bad just different from soy sauce


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