Happiness Is Simple

Yesterday, we were back home from our extra long weekend, spent at my happy spot in Maine.  4 days spent camping, spending most of our time outside, getting in tons of family time, relaxing, & having no expectations about my days…….letting it unfold naturally.
Driving home (it’s a 3 hr ride one way) I had plenty of time thinking about the last days.  As I was thinking about it all, I noticed my thoughts kept gravitating around the fact that we had so much fun doing simple things like riding bikes, going for walks, talking around the campfire, playing cards, listening to the band, going on firetruck rides, participated in an ice cream eating contest, & trying winning at candy bar bingo to name a few.  When we weren’t doing stuff, my little ones played hard enjoying the outdoors, & doing it all with a few simple toys like their bikes, a few coloring things, & cards.  The rest of the time they played on the playground or with rocks, pine cones, & dirt.  I don’t think any of us has been happier than we were this past weekend, which shows me 2 things:

1. Simple living isn’t just a fad……..it’s a way of life for us all
2. Happiness is simple, we just complicate it.

Not once during our whole trip did any of us miss anything that was left behind, other than our reptiles of course.  My life wasn’t miserable or unsatisfying because I didn’t have a 100 different kitchen gadgets or have 100 different TV channels to watch.  Instead having a lot less and  simplifying what we took (only taking the basics) we were content with having what we had, which brought us more happiness.  We were able to focus on things that mattered to us, rather than the distractions that over take our lives.  Even though I’ve been simplifying things at home, I realized I haven’t gotten as far as I would like to.  Yes, I did start but somewhere over the last few months, I’ve been slacking but taking a step back I was able to see this more clearly.
Simple living isn’t something that happens over night, it’s not a destination.  It’s a mantra, a motto, a belief……a statement that motivates you to strive to continuously reevaluate your life and put your focus towards what’s important.  Having this mini break from our every day not only gave me clarity, it showed me this is exactly where I should be & how I want to continue living.  If anything, it gave me more of an incentive.

Happiness is simple, yet so many people live without it.  If you stripped everything down, what would it take to really make you happy?

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12 thoughts on “Happiness Is Simple

  1. Looks like the PERFECT mini vacation. My life moves way too fast most days and I know that I’m missing things more important than working. It’s amazing how we just go through life without realizing what’s truly important. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Love our post and I’m so glad you shared it on Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop! We’re going on a family vacation soon and I look forward to our time together just relaxing, having campfires, hiking and just sitting around the table! As one of the co-hosts I’m going to feature your post tomorrow! Hope you stop by and share another post!
    – Nancy
    Nancy On The Home Front

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  3. Thought this was a great post! Happiness for me ins in the simplicity of living. We keep things relatively simple at home and when we go on adventures sometimes things are even simpler, yet we have a wonderful time. Simplicity to us is a way of life, a belief, and a connection with ourselves and nature 🙂

    Swinging by from Wake UP Wednesday!


  4. Love your quote: “Happiness is simple, we just complicate it.” That is so very true!! It would be so nice to cut out a bunch of the noise and excess and just focus on what’s important. Thanks so much for giving us all some perspective, and for sharing this with us at Merry Monday!

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    • Thank you for visiting. Isn’t it sad that we prevent our own happiness from complicating things. I too loved the quote, which kinda just popped into my head while I was writing it.


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