15 All Natural Ways To Help Relieve Migraines


Migraines are the worst since it takes over your life till it passes.  I’ve have them since I was 8, so it’s been 27 years of suffering to finally get them under control.  And even for me, I don’t have them under completely control, I have days and weeks where nothing helps.  This past week was interrupted from a few days of migraines for example.  Which is why I’ve really been looking into natural ways to relieve my migraines.  Below is a list of things that I’ve found that claim to help migraines.  I plan on trying each one, seeing which actual work for me or not.  But since everyone is different, you should try them out for yourself.

Ways To Relieve Migraines: (in no particular order)

*Keeping a food journal-
This one is important because it will help you find your trigger foods, food that causes you to have migraines.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple notebook or phone notebook (through an app) will do. Keep tracking of everything you eat & drink for a month or so, longer if you don’t have a migraine within that month.  When you get a migraine, you can look at the day before and see what you took in.  After a few migraines, there will be a pattern emerging, then you can see the trigger foods & drinks that help cause them.  For example, my trigger foods are: cheese, chocolate, caffeine, & oranges.  I know exactly how much of each I can eat and what to avoid all together.  Caffeine is a tricky one cause too little causes them but too much does too.  It’s all a balancing act, which changes as we age and our bodies change.  **But remember food is just one reason for migraines, you need to take into account environmental, genetic, stresses when determining where the headaches are coming from.  For me it’s a combo of all the above. ** 

this is one of the best things to help regulate your migraines.  I know if I get enough sleep, it will prevent my headaches.  But for a long time I had the hardest time staying asleep, so I kept getting migraines till I started taking melatonin, which has helped greatly.  Be warned, I get migraines if I get too much sleep, so know your body and how much you need for your day.

*White willow bark-
is known as “Nature’s Aspirin” helps to quickly & safely relieve pain & reduce inflammation. (@ Underground Health Reporter)

*Knowing & controlling your stressors-
Stress affects us all different, but a lot of us suffer migraines when we let it get to us.  Even when I think I’ve got it under control, there are times I get migraines and realize that I really don’t.  Knowing what are the stressors in your life and finding positive ways to control them, will greatly affect the frequency of your migraines.  Look for different fun ways, that you can put to use in your every day like meditating, walking, running, exercising, journaling, reading etc.

is a great alternative that comes without any side effects that medicines, even natural ones could have.  How it works is, ” the basic foundation for Oriental medicine is that there is a life energy flowing through the body which is termed Qi (pronounced chee). This energy flows through the body on channels known as meridians that connect all of our major organs. According to Chinese medical theory, illness arises when the cyclical flow of Qi in the meridians becomes unbalanced Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points located near or on the surface of the skin which have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to achieve the desired effect, “ @ Acufinder.

*Baltic amber necklace-
This idea is one I didn’t hear about till I started researching.  It’s interesting & I would love to try it to see if it could work for me.  How this works is the same for soothing babies, it ” contains Succinic Acid and when it is heated against the skin it releases an all natural analgesic (pain relief) which helps to ease migraines.” @ Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.

*Green Tea-

Teas have been around for a long time, which have helped numerous ailments.  There are different kinds of tea out there, but I’m only talking about green tea since it’s the only one I used for my migraines.  It helps migraines by helping with the symptoms.

*Essential oils-peppermint, lavender, rosemary, thyme, basil-
You can use them or a blend of them on your temples, in your bath, or in a foot soak.  Just make sure you are using them properly.

*Magnesium oil or capsules –
It’s been talked about that people who suffer from migraines “have low levels of magnesium in their brains during attacks and may also have a general magnesium deficiency,” @ Reader’s Digest

*Drinking enough water so you aren’t dehydrated-
This is a given but being dehydrated affects our health so much.  Being properly hydrated is so very important, a key to keeping up our health, keeping it healthy.

*Vitamin B2-
It’s been known to help cut down the amount of migraines you have if you take 400 milligrams of this vitamin @ Reader’s Digest.

it helps because the substance in it ” called parthenolide, which helps relieve smooth muscle spasms. It also helps stop the brain’s blood vessels from contracting and prevents inflammation, @ Migraine.

*Butterbur extract-

helps to reduce the number of attacks people have.

“this is effective treatment for the stress that can cause migraine headaches. Within minutes of consuming an authentic kava beverage, you can feel the stress in your body almost magically evaporate,” @ Kava.

*Maintaining a proper diet-
this is one that took me getting really sick before I realized the value of this.  Besides staying hydrated & getting enough sleep, this is the most important thing you can do for your overall health, plus knowing your triggers or foods to stay away from is important too.

Additional Resources:
*Migraine Treatment Group
*Underground Health Reporter
*Reader’s Digest

What all natural remedies have helped to relieve your migraines?

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3 thoughts on “15 All Natural Ways To Help Relieve Migraines

  1. Great list! I find that, with magnesium, the most effective form is magnesium citrate, available as powder that dissolves in water. Natural Calm is the main brand for this, but Vitacost offers a cheaper off-brand version that’s identical.

    Sorry you’re been in a bad migraine cycle. They are the worst.


    • Thanks, I really shouldn’t complain cause I went without having any for almost 4 months, which is a record for me. I usually get 2 or so a month, which is good because when I was younger I used to get anywhere from 2-4 a week, it was nuts. I used to get tunnel vision or go blind from them when I was younger, thankfully I’ve outgrown that.
      Great information, thanks for sharing it. I haven’t personally tired it, but it’s on my to try list. I’ll be looking into the brand you suggested. Thanks for visiting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I used to get frequent migraines when I was in my teens. Thankfully they are much less frequent, but when they hit, they sure hit hard! This is a great list of things to try. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!


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