It’s Beginning To Look Like A Garden


Growing up, I never had a garden or a house that had one.  I moved around so much, the last thing on anyone’s mind was gardening.  It wasn’t until till I was 32, when I got my 1st garden and that is only because it came with our home. One of the many perks was a few established gardens throughout my yard.  The time and effort the previous owners put in showed through the amazing soil I have.  Even though I had this great garden, I didn’t fully appreciate it till this year.
This year, I am fully committed to getting as much use out of it as I can.  Not sure if it’s because I’m feeling better with my illness or if it’s because I’m older more mature, or because I realized if done correctly having a garden can save us a lot of money.  And everyone knows just how frugal I am.  Whatever the reason, I’ve been busy learning about gardening and putting what I’ve learned to good use.  Did you realize how much information there is regarding gardening?  I could learn 1 new thing a day and 50 years from now, still be learning new things.  It’s nuts all the information and all the different types of gardens or gardening techniques out there.  I thought it would be fun to share my garden, it’s progress, & helpful information I learned this year and do a few posts throughout the summer to see my progress & share any helpful tips or ideas I come across.
_RYA0415 _RYA0421
When we bought our house 3 years ago, the gardens it had was amazing.  I loved looking at the flowers and fantasized about growing the biggest and most colorful gardens.  One thing that wasn’t in my fantasy was the amount of work it entails to keep & maintain a garden.  I give all you gardeners credit, it’s a lot of work.  But I’ve been doing it slowly, over the course of the last month or so and I am starting to see results.  Isn’t it the best when you see the fruits of your labor?  But before we get to the images, I thought I would give you a quick breakdown of what I have to work with.

Here’s a break down of my yard & my goals:
*My land size is .68 acres of land (not a whole lot but enough for us….for now)
*I have 3 gardens so far: front, side, & back
*My ultimate gardening goal is to have a edible diverse landscape that utilizes my yard to the best of my ability.  I want to produce as much as possible throughout the year, increasing a little each year
*I plan on donating a good portion of my produce to the local homeless shelter and/or local veteran & seniors as much as I can throughout the garden season

Here are some more images from my growing gardening:
*this past week I was able to move my cucumber & watermelon plants into the garden, which was fun with the girls helping me out*

_RYA0430  _RYA0433_RYA0425_RYA0434_RYA0426 _RYA0435 _RYA0436 _RYA0442 _RYA0447 _RYA0448 _RYA0450

My goals for June are:
*Get free plants to plant in my garden, whenever possible (so far I’ve gotten 20ish different free plants for my garden….tomatoes, basil, thyme, tomatillos, 3 kind of squash, 2 kinds of cabbage, & 2 kinds of lettuce)
*Hollow out a few stumps in the back yard & dig up the flowers in whiskey barrel.  Plant them in the stumps
*Dig up the rhubarb & plant it in my side garden next to the grapes or next the the hostas
*Finish weed whacking the hill out back & buy some Jeeper Creeper flowers to plant around huge stump
*Pull weeds in the front where the hostas are, relocate hostas, & plant the remaining plants starting my 2nd veggie garden.  Thank goodness for having a compost ready with amazing soil.  Once plants are planted, I will be using the remaining mulch for it.
*Start weeding the front flower garden
*Buy mulch for the front flower garden & lay it down

How’s your garden coming along?
I would love to see your garden images and/or read any helpful information posts that you wrote.  Feel free to link up your gardening posts with me.
As always, I love comments so please feel free to leave me some comment love.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look Like A Garden

  1. I haven’t done much gardening in my life as I tend to travel a lot in the summer but I so admire other’s gardens and respect the amount of work it takes. But what a rewarding hobby or passion this one is! Visually stunning and even edible. How much better does it get? Your’s looks amazing. Congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your so sweet thank you 🙂
      I have been like you till this year. I am determined to have a nice edible garden. I figured if I’m gonna have a garden, it might as well be edible since I lose interest fast and know I won’t be able to concentrate enough to due an edible & non-edible garden.
      So far so good, keep your fingers crossed. Next week we are leaving for a week and I’m hoping it doesn’t all die on me.

      Liked by 1 person

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