Giving The Gift Of Presence


We live in a single family home with a cute little yard in the center of a small town in rural New Hampshire.  We have pets (a dog & our reptile farm), our needs are met, & live rather comfortably.  We consider ourselves middle class, yet the numbers say we are living closer to poverty.  But who follows the numbers right?  Anyways, we live a simple modest life when compared to those around me.
Our 5 kids are in need of nothing, yet years ago this wasn’t the case.  Before simplifying our lives, my kids were in desperate need of our attention….our presence.  Without realizing it, I used technology to replace me and my attentions.  I would spend a fortune that I didn’t have on things that took away from our time together.  This went on for a while, till I stopped and starting changing things in my life around.  This is when I realized the grave mistake I was making with my children and decided to stop this.
Instead of getting the latest and greatest best thing out there, I make it a point to spend time with my children throughout the year, during special holidays or events.  Sure they get a small toy or something but instead of doing an extravagant gift, I include as a gift, the gift of presence.  We do something together, making memories, & being present in each other’s life.  This to me is best gift one can give another.
This year, I decided since my nieces are older, it’s time to start doing this with them.  My middle niece’s birthday is this week so we made her a fun tote bag full of things she can do with us or her family, fun little toys.  We didn’t spend much but we personalized her tote and took the time to put it together with her in mind.  Then we are spending the afternoon with her swimming, giving her our undivided attention.  What she will remember isn’t the bag of toys but that we always did something special for her on her special day.  She will have the memories we created together for the rest of her life, knowing we did this because of the love we have for her.
Don’t make the same mistakes I made and let our technology filled world distract you from the important things, the important people.  Don’t let the distractions take over & lose those meaningful connections.  Giving the gift of your presence is a gift that keeps on giving, so go out there and share your gift with the world.  Share your love with your loved ones and anyone who needs it.

Have you been sharing your gift or have you let the distractions in your life get in the way?

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11 thoughts on “Giving The Gift Of Presence

    • Thanks. Today was such a fun day with my nieces, which just showed me how important it was that I do this with them. It’s our new tradition. Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂


  1. I have very little technology in my home. No television or gaming systems are available to use here yet I just had my grandchildren for five days and never were they bored once. They had my attention/presence,, they met new friends and had new experiences they might not have had if I had technology ready and waiting for them. I wish more people would try a technology fast and realize they could be happier without it monopolizing their days.


    • I think that’s awesome you don’t have much technology in your home. And I think its great that you can entertain them with something other than technology. I completely agree and like you, wished more people limited or did a technology fast. Then they get to see just how much time it takes up in our days, which was a real eye opener for me when we did it. I didn’t realize how much technology hinders my productivity.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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  3. Beautiful post! Congratulations – you are IN THE SPOTLIGHT at this week’s Friendship Friday Party at Create With Joy! Have an amazing weekend and thank you for your continued support! 🙂


  4. Oh, how our families need this message. Even though I’m in my granny years, it’s just as important that we spend time with our grandchildren. I’m thankful you were highlighted on Friendship Friday.


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