10 Reasons Essential Oils Are Worth Trying

The big wide world of essential oils has been calling my name.  Ever since I made my bug spray, it has intrigued me, wanting more.  So I’ve reading and educating myself as much as possible, soaking everything in.
There is so much information about essential oil (EO), hundreds and hundreds of posts about the health benefits & as well as the harm it could cause you from being untrained user.
The 1st step for me is to figure out which company to buy them from.  Luckily, my hubby works at a health food store, he can bring home a few samples for me to try before taking the plunge and buying them.
There is plenty of information out there about which ones to buy but everyone says that you must use therapy grade oils when ingesting them such as Young living, DoTerra, & Simpler’s Botanicals.  Otherwise, it can be harmful to you.  If you know of other therapy grade brands, please let me know.  But if you are infusing them or using them topically, then you don’t need therapy grade, even though is it highly recommended.
As I was reading I came across a great list of reasons to try essential oils, that I just had to share.  What else could you add to this list?

10 Reasons Essential Oils Are Worth Trying
information @ Elephant Journal 

1. Essential oils are anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-infectious and antiseptic. They can combat infectious disease by killing off viruses, bacteria or other pathogens. Some oils have been shown to destroy all tested viruses and bacteria.

2. Essential oils can act on both your mind and your body. Their aromas can be stimulating both psychologically and physically, as well as calming and sedating. Inhaling aromas is extremely powerful. Aromatic stimuli of your limbic system cause the release of neurotransmitters, including pain-reducing enkephalin, pleasure-producing endorphins, relaxing serotonin, and stimulating noradrenaline.

3. Essential oils are some of the most powerful known antioxidants. (Determined by an ORAC developed by Tuft University).

4. Essential oils are capable of penetrating your cell membranes since they are lipid-soluble. According to Jean V. MD, essential oils can affect every cell of the body within 20 minutes, and are then metabolized like other nutrients. An antibiotic cannot penetrate your cell’s wall.

5. Essential oils detoxify your cells and your blood.

6. Essential purify the air by eliminating odors from cooking, animals, mold, bacteria and other sources.

7. Essential oils are small enough to penetrate every tissue in your skin.

8. According to researchers at Vienna University, essential oils stimulate blood flow, which increases your nutrient and oxygen delivery.

9. Essential oils can be administered in two ways, either topically or through aromatherapy and therapeutic grade essential oils can be ingested in certain instances. When applied topically and inhaled, essential oils are  absorbed immediately into your bloodstream. Oils used aromatically don’t have to go through your digestive system, so they work immediately in your body.

10. The essential oils’ versatility makes them fairly inexpensive to use. One bottle goes a long way and can be used for many different ailments. For example, lavender oil helps with relaxation, sleep, bug bites, eczema and burns.

Wow, after I read this, I had to include it as the main part of my post, since the benefits seem to be amazing.  I will def have to check this out for myself.  So if you’re looking to start trying EO, check out a few organic and/or health care store for free samples or testers.  My husband’s work offers free samples whenever they have them in, all you have to do is ask.  I’m sure there are more stores out there, that will do the same.  If you can’t find one, check out your local distributor from any of the three brands listed above.  I provided the links for you, just click on the names.  I’ve know a few people who are distributors and they offer free samples to try before investing in them since the initial cost can be expensive depending on the oils you buy.  Or attend an EO party.
**Be warned, this is the 1st in many upcoming EO posts.**

Are you an essential oil user?  Has it helped?  

11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Essential Oils Are Worth Trying

  1. We are definitely Young Living essential oil users and they have been life changing for us! I did choose to use therapeutic grade oils because whether you diffuse them, use them topically, or actually swallow them – they are going inside your body! They have been such a great tool for us to maintain vibrant health for our family!

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    • Thanks for commenting & giving some great advice/info to us newbies. I’m so glad they have helped your family, makes me more excited to try different ones out that my family needs.


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  7. Hi Sarah, I too recently was introduced to essential oils, and actually inherited a bunch of boxes, some brand new so I have been reading how they are used and the first one I have found useful is Peppermint. I have battled with headaches for 12 years some bad some not so bad, but any arent good. After reading about peppermint I discovered that it is good to use and I have tired it on my temples, back of my neck and because I know reflexology I use it on my feet in a massage. It helps stop that morning headache before it gets bad and now I carry it in my purse!! I can use it anytime anywhere.

    Great article, wishing you well in your pursuit another site to read a lot about essential oils is http://momsneedtoknow.com/category/essential-oils/ She has tons of info.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


    • Sorry didn’t see this till now but thank you for the link. It’s a lot of information to get through. I need to use it more when I have my migraines, I just don’t think of it till after. But now I’m encouraged to try it next time I get one. Thanks 🙂


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