Everyday Comforts Can Prevent Us From Truly Living

Tonight’s our last night camping, we’ve been at the beautiful Sebago Lake area of Maine.  It’s the longest we’ve been away from home at one time, which has been such an interesting experience.  The convenience & comfort of our home has been replaced with simplicity & simple living.  To be completely honest before we left I was a little worried about the 6 of us leaving all our comforts behind for a small popup tent trailer 3 hrs away for 8 days.  It sounded like a lot to give up, even if you are living a simple life.  Of course my concerns weren’t warranted, since it’s been a great adventure, one that we’ve really needed.
We’ve literally cut out everything except for food, shelter (our popup tent trailer which has 2 bunks, a pull out couch, toilet, sink, cabinet, & fridge), clothing, free to cheap activities (outdoors & through the campground only, nothing elsewhere), & we limited technology & communication usage.  The only things we really missed was our reptiles, my gardens, & a few people important to us.  Everything that was cut, didn’t make any difference in our lives this week.
We need very little in our lives to truly thrive, yet we surround ourselves with excess of everything.  We end up creating a bubble of distractions around us that hinders our lives, without realizing it.  We get so caught up in the rat race, wondering why we are so miserable and unhappy, even though we have all these comforts around us.
When did our everyday comforts turn into distractions, preventing us from fully experiencing life?

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