Knowing When It’s Time To Say Good-Bye

The other day I said good-bye to Facebook for the 2nd time.  I only deactivated it so I wouldn’t lose my pics, but I have no intentions of ever returning to it.  A year ago, I reactivated my account and gave it a good year to see if it changed into something that was right for me.  Before that I deactivated it for 2 years.  Unfortunately, it still isn’t something I want to put any effort towards since it brings me more negativity, sadness, & discontentment than happiness & joy.
The more I think about it, the more I realized this was the right decision for me.  Sure I’ll miss the awesome deals, great coupons, & free product offers but that’s about all I’ll miss.  A lot of people won’t understand that I’m eliminating Facebook because I need one less distraction in my life, how it isn’t something for me, how it brings me more negativity than positivity, & why I don’t want to be a part of the community.

Decluttering isn’t just simply cleaning out your material possessions, it goes a lot deeper.  For me, decluttering my life means clearing out anything that doesn’t add value to my life which has included: physical possessions, unwanted distractions, deactivating Facebook, retraining my inner voice to be more positive, eliminating unhealthy habits, toxic relationships, & deleting digital clutter.
Life changes as we grow, which is why decluttering your life is an ongoing journey.  What does decluttering your life look like? 

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15 thoughts on “Knowing When It’s Time To Say Good-Bye

  1. I think that’s great. Facebook is so distracting and can be a huge waste of time. I keep it to stay involved with events and certain groups but other than that I aim to spend as little time on there as possible. I haven’t posted to my own page in over 3 years…

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    • Thank you 🙂
      I don’t think people realize just how much time is wasted on it. Time you can’t get back. I too wasted so much time on there in the beginning then the drama, negativity, the way too personal information etc. got the better of me.
      I think it’s great u use in for events & groups, that’s another positive of FB. But you limiting your page usage is great, too many people can’t do that. It’s too addicting.

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  2. Totally get you. I’ve thought abt deactivating fb but never got round to it. It’s really a huge distraction -amongst other things. I used to get in several times a day bit hv been pretty bored of it in the last 3 months. Something to think about!


  3. I have deactivated FB twice, and have now removed it from my phone. I only check it once a week on my computer to follow up on a couple of my cousins. I removed everyone else from my newsfeed. My biggest “want to declutter” is my sister-in-law who constantly texts me bragging about her son (our nephew), which always necessitate a congratulatory response from me even though her bragging is bringing me down. Haven’t figured out a good way to approach this.

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    • Removing it from my phone was the biggest help for me because if I wanted to go on, it was a process to get on it. I know how you feel, that is hard and delicate because you don’t want to offend or hurt her feelings, but you need to say something cause it’s bringing you down. That’s something I haven’t figured out either, LOL.

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  4. Love your point about ‘de-cluttering’- it’s so much more then just material possessions. It can be anything that (literally) clutters and suffocates our joys, passions, and creativity. I feel like people can get so bent on the idea that minimalism and simple living is just about possessions, but it’s more then that- it’s a mindset. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks. It’s something I came to realize on my journey so far. I love how you put it that it “suffocates our joys” which is so very true. And I couldn’t agree with you more, that it’s a mindset not just our material possessions. Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂

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  5. I am in the process of decluttering so I really loved your post and especially your question!

    For me, decluttering means getting rid of anything in my life that distracts me from my goals and priorities and does not enhance but rather detracts from the quality of my life.

    Decluttering is challenging because it means letting go of things that we believe we need – but the price of decluttering is freedom and the space for new things – better things – positive things to come into our lives!

    I love how you defined decluttering – I applaud you on your decision to let got of Facebook – and I invite you to leave a comment when you share any posts that have to do with this topic so I’m sure to check them out!

    Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂


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