What Are Your 3 Must Have Traveling Essentials?

As your getting ready for a trip, you realize you that all your basic needs are met but it took more room than you thought.  You only have room for a few items, my question to you is:  What are 3 must have traveling essentials for your upcoming trip?  Why?  What do your choices say about you?

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For me my must have traveling essentials are the things I couldn’t live without.  After looking at my choices, I realized that all my items are what I use for when I’m creating, they are all part of my creative process.  Each one brings me inspiration, which is why I couldn’t travel without them.  I guess my creative side is more important to me than I thought.  My 3 choices are:

  • my camera 
  • my journal
  • my ipod

Now, it’s your turn, I can’t wait to see all the things you guys come up with.  Be as creative or practical as you would like.

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6 thoughts on “What Are Your 3 Must Have Traveling Essentials?

  1. Yes, I agree that the camera is a must. My second item would be my surf board, because of course I would be traveling to somewhere with great waves. My third item would be my tap shoes. I recently started tap dancing (a childhood dream) and I LOVE it.

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  2. iPhone, Kindle Fire and sketchbook. 🙂 And, quirky thing, I always travel with my Klean Kanteen insulated coffee mug. I drink everything out of it while traveling, which avoids wasting single use cups, but also makes me feel like I have the comforts of home.


  3. My iPhone (camera, gps, phone, music, etc). Purse or tote for necessities and souvenirs. And a notebook or book.


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