9 Tips To Help You Capture Amazing Vacation Photos

Our vacation was great!  We explored Sebago Lake area, Naples, Boothbay & Bristol Maine.  The weather was great except for a late evening shower here and there, but who can complain about that.  11 days of exploring, camping, fun in the sun, & relaxing.
We are back home now, just in time to enjoy the last bits of summer before school starts at the end of the month…….15 days and counting.  The older I get, the quicker time moves, which of course is the opposite of what I want.  Isn’t it funny how that works?
Anyways, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to share here and I’ve got a great list of topics coming up.   The 1st thing I thought I would share is the different ideas that help me capture amazing vacation photos.
Now, I know some of you guys are already back to school, but for some of us, we are hanging on to the last bits of summer, with some vacations planned.  So I figured it’s a great time post.
I also needed to say that I am in way a professional, I’m what you call a hobbyist.  But I do have ideas always bouncing around in my head, that I’d be more than happy to share.  No ideas, just go looking around the internet, there’s plenty of inspiration out there.  Side note- I won’t be sharing how I edit my images, but if you are interested in knowing, please leave me a comment and I will respond to you through the comments.  If there’s interest in my editing, I would e more than happy to write post and share the different ways I edit my images using a few free or cheap editing programs.
Now with all that being said, are you ready to step up your game a little, showing off the fun times you had during vacation?  Here are my 9 tips to help you capture amazing vacation photos.

  1. Concentrate on body parts/pieces
  2. Get creative……..think outside the box
    2014-06-04 18.48.14_tonemapped
  3. Candids are your best friend
    72 2014-08-15 13.20.29_tonemapped
  4. Play with lighting
    12 7
  5. Use words & numbers
    2014-08-16 11.05.39
  6.  Notice the small
  7. Look for the unique, strange, & odd

  8. Use what’s around you
    20150805_145631 (1)
  9. Take silhouette & highlight the colors in them
    206 229

Every tip works with whatever camera you use, you don’t need an expensive one to have amazing photos.  I personally use an older Nikon D200 for all my images.  Nothing fancy or expensive.  But it does the job and then some.  Remember photography is an art, which means it’s subjective & depends upon you & how you see the world around you.
As you are thinking about my tips, go out and start snapping away.  The more you use your camera, the more comfortable you’ll be, & the more creative you’ll become.  So, go out on a photo walk, see what you can see & capture.

Got any other helpful tip for you could share with us?  Or do you have a photo you would love to share?  I would love to see your vacation or any other photo that’s yours, that you find inspirational and amazing. 🙂

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