Fall Camping: 7 Frugal Ideas To Get You Started

Ever go camping in the fall?  If you not, you are surely missing out.  Cooler nights….hot cocoa by campfire….crockpot meals….trick or treating….snuggling around the fire….kayaking during foliage season….sharing stories, drinks, & good food….What could more exciting than fall camping!?!?
This week, I’m getting ready for our last weekend of camping for this year.  The weekend isn’t supposed to be a great one, lots of rain, but that won’t deter us from having a grand ol’ time.
20150805_145631 (1)
Since it’s our last trip of the year, I’ve got a few things I wanted to do, but of course I want to keep it low key, not spending much.  Here are 7 Frugal Ideas to help get you started:
*Plan delicious but easy seasonal comfort dinners such as casseroles, chili, or crock pot meals.  Here are a few suggestions:
~Potato, Corn, & Sausage Bake
~Salsa Verde Chicken for Tacos
~Sweet Potato Chili
*Figure out a few fun games to play ahead of time (the more you incorporate nature the easier it will be.)  Our favorites are:
~glow in the dark tag or hide n seek
~plan a scavenger hunt (make it as easy or difficult as you like)
~make words or sentences from the nature
~make leaf people using only what you can find
*Campground offering trick or treating here are few ideas to keep your cost down:
~use your kids dress up clothing
~buy a pack or two of Halloween makeup @ the dollar store & paint their face
~ask a friend if they have anything you could use
~search around the house & make something from what you find
*Warm desserts will hit the spot on any cool night.  Some of our favorites are:
~banana boats
~shortbread cookie s’mores
~warm apple cake
~cobbler (you can use an assortment of berries or stone fruit)
*Bring extra blankets or throws to snuggle with around the fire or for a chilly night
*Set aside some “mindful minutes” time.  This is what I call the time I use to be mindful & live in the present.  It has a catchy ring to it huh?  Here a few examples to get you started:
~explore mother nature through canoes or kayaks, hiking trails, or a walk around the campground
~take in everything around you: smells, sounds etc…
~disconnect from all electronics for as long as you can during your trip
*Decorate inside & out of your camper or tent….making it cozy & fun
~add a few throw pillows & blankets can really liven the space up
~lighting is important: have fun lighting on the outside & practical lighting on the inside
~get kids involved having them come up with a few ways to give the space some life
~make it fun since fun equals cozy….the kids will love it
*Embrace the weather & have fun with it
~if it rains bring boots, extra clothing, & shoes.  Then lets the kids have fun it in running around & playing games
~windy days bring kites for some extra fun in the campground field
~cold days bring extra sweaters or jackets, thermal underwear & undergarments

****If you are interested in some of the above recipes, please let me know and I’ll make a post with the favorite recipes people are interested in. ****

Got any delicious camping recipes?  Or any great camping tips?  Please share them in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Fall Camping: 7 Frugal Ideas To Get You Started

  1. I’d really like to see the recipes for shortbread cookie s’mores and warm apple cake. They sound melt in your mouth delicious. 🙂 I’ve actually been considering going on a camping trip sometime in the next week or two. I think you just convinced me. Snuggling by a fire, hot cocoa, scavenger hunts. It all sounds too good to pass up. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Np, thanks for visiting 🙂
      The apple cake is super simple, which I will be putting up this weekend when I make it. It’s only 3 ingredients, so it’s great. The shortbread cookie s’more is great since it’s just these cookies with roasted marshmallow in the middle. I’ll add that to the post for the apple cake. So be on the lookout.
      If you can and you enjoy it, you should def go camping. It always nice to disconnect and get away 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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