3 Ingredient Apple Spice Snack Cake

Having apple cravings for this time of the year is great, because it’s one of the things we have an abundance of.   After work today, I finally had to time to make a delicious snack cake that I’ve been meaning to make, my 3 Ingredient Apple Spice Snack Cake.  This cake is as delicious as it sounds and only take minutes to make.  Plus it smells up your whole house with the fantastic fall aromas.  As my boy opened the door, the smell hit him and he was so excited to find out what made the awesome smell.  It’s a recipe to keep on days you want some fall comfort with little efforts.  It’s my go to for a snack cake or a crumb it up as an apple spice crisp & serve it with ice cream.  Either way, your family will thank you by gobbling it all up.

3 Ingredient Apple Spice Snack Cake

*4-5 apples sliced (depending on the size of pan used.)
*1 pumpkin spice cake mix
*3/4c butter melted (1/2c left dry spots that didn’t cook so I add a little more butter and it works out well.)

*Preheat oven to 350.  Grease bottom of pan.
*Place apples on the bottom of pan, cover completely with sliced apples.
*Sprinkle cake mix over apples covering completely.  I used a smaller cake pan the 2nd time around so the cake was a little thicker.
*Spread the melted butter over the cake mix covering as much area as you can.  Any dry areas should cook when apples release their juices.  If not the last 5 minutes of cooking pull cake out add a tiny bit of water and cook for 5 minutes.
*Place pan in oven and cook for 45-50 minutes depending on your oven & pan.
*Take out and let cool for 15 minutes or so.
*Then slice & enjoy.   Or crumbling up and serve it with ice cream.

What a favorite apple treat/dessert in your house?

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