Rustic Candy Cane Ornament, Gift Topper, or Bowl Fillers

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The holiday season is fully upon us, now that Thanksgiving is over.  Today is the last day of break so the kids and I decided to do a little fun craft.  I haven’t been crafting much so to get my groove back, I decided it was the perfect time to make some gift toppers or ornaments.  These cute simple candy canes can be used in numerous ways….bunched together as a decoration, a part of the decoration on a wreath, gift topper, or rustic ornament to name a few.
I’m all about rustic, simple, & easy crafts any season, but especially the holiday season.  I try to keep things simple for, that way I don’t lose interest in what I’m doing.  Having a mind that is always going 100mph is tricky navigate.
These were so simple to make, anyone can do it.  You can customize them with whatever you like whether you are a bow, berries, string, it’s really up to you.  Let your imagination go wild.  For me, I simply used what I had on hand, which is why I did some with white yarn and some with twine.
For now, these little beauties will be decoration on my mantle, helping to hold down the fake snow I put up till Christmas, then they will be  basket filler & gift topper.
I’ll end this post with a Christmas quote that I love….
What would you use to make these?

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