Would You Buy Used Items For Christmas Gifts?

Question of the day:  
“Would You Buy Used Items For Christmas Gifts?”  Why or Why not.

Tomorrow, I get to spend two hours alone shopping in my favorite city.  Since I don’t get out there much, I’m super excited. I get to hit all the stores I that I love….Christmas Tree Shop, Goodwill, & Savers. As I’m writing my Christmas list out, I began wondering, am I a weirdo because I would gift used items?
Each year, I have certain people in mind that I shop for year around and if something strikes my eye, I will buy it, used or not. I see nothing wrong with buying people used items because
it saves me money
recycles, keeping one less item of our landfills
it’s new to them.
Don’t get me wrong, the items I buy aren’t junk, they are well thought out gifts, that I truly feel that recipient would enjoy. Just because something is used doesn’t mean it’s trashy junk. I know there are lots of others out there, who think I’m weird. But hey that’s ok.  I would find it an honor to be known as the weird frugal lady 😉
What do you think?  Do you do it or are you against it?

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11 thoughts on “Would You Buy Used Items For Christmas Gifts?

  1. For some reason I wouldn’t… but all of your points make complete sense. I suppose it depends on the condition of the used item (and the nature of it)… come to think of it, I’ve bought my little brother some used Playstation games for Christmas! So yes, I completely would! haha

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    • I love getting used PS games. I hate paying full prices knowing they are going to scratch.
      The condition of the item def counts when buying used. Like today when I went to Savers, everything I liked had holes, which was very discouraging since they were cute justice jeans. Def hit or miss when shopping used.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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    • That’s a great point. I think people think of used as being trashy things but there is so much great quality items out there, just depends where you go. Where I live I have a few great consignment stores that are awesome place for high quality items.


  2. I think it’s great! Good for you! I shop second hand for myself as much as possible. For gifts, there are some people who I know would be okay with it like my mom or my best friend, and I’ve given and received used gifts from them before. There are others who I knew probably wouldn’t be so thrilled though, so I don’t for them. I actually wrote a post on the benefits of shopping secondhand a while back (and it includes a pretty funny story about a near-death experience in a consignment shop, haha) if you want to check it out, you can here: http://www.heartfulhabits.com/5-reasons-to-shop-second-hand/

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    • You sound like me, I know I can & can’t buy used. But sometimes I can sneak something in, without anyone realizing it, LOL.
      Thanks for sharing your link, I will def read it tonight or tomorrow. 🙂


    • I’m at the beginning stages of being an upcycler. But I think it’s fantastic that you upcycle and enjoy it as much as you do 🙂
      I’ve noticed that as well. That a lot of 2nd hand stores have a great deal of brand new items for a fraction of the cost. Good luck with your upcycling adventures. Feel free to share any new projects you do, I would love to see them.


  3. I scour thrift shops with friends and family in mind. And for many years have giftes second hand items to people I love. All it requires is keeping the aesthetic sense of recipients in mind. I hit the mark almost always and my friens vaue my unorthodox and specific gifts. A lot of pleasure to be had like this.

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    • Yay for another thrift store shopper like myself. I couldn’t agree with you more, it’s a lot of fun scouring the different thrift & consignment shops. You never know what you will find. I have an ongoing list of people and their interests so if I come across something I can pick it up. I think it’s great that they all have come to love your gifts and look forwards to them. Thanks for visiting & commenting. Hope to see you back here again. 🙂


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