DIY Ornaments: Wood Sled & Borax Snowflake

For the last few years, my town does this neat event called “Festival of Trees” where different organizations decorate a tree according to their specific theme, that is scattered through our armory (which is also our community center.)  This year not only is the elementary school decorating one but our girl scout troop is too.  Our girl scout troop is doing snow sport theme, which isn’t the easiest them to work with, let me tell you.
Our girl scout troop is divided into Daisys and Brownies, so we are doing two different kinds of ornaments……..wooden sleds for the Daisys & borax snowflakes for the brownies.  Both ornaments were fun to make, simple enough to the kids to do, & cheap to make.
PicMonkey Collage
The snowflakes were fun to watch crystalize over a period of 12 hrs.  The girls kept coming back to check every so often.  The sleds were also fun to make since the girls got to use hot glue.   They also enjoyed customizing them, since they could color them any way they wanted.
PicMonkey Collage 2

Borax Snowflake
3 tablespoons of borax
boiling water (enough to submerge the snowflake)
2 pipe cleaners (whatever color you want the snowflake to be)
a pencil
container (fits the snowflake comfortably)
fishing line
* Take one pipe cleaner and cut it into three equal parts.
*Take the other pipe cleaner and cut it into 6 equal parts.
*Take the 3 longer pieces & twist together forming a star shape.
*Take the smaller pieces and twist around the end of each star, turning it into a snowflake.
*Boil enough water to submerge the entire snowflake.  Once boiling, pour into container that fits the snowflake comfortably.
*Pour borax into container and stir well.  This part is very important, you need to mix well, making sure there isn’t any borax on the bottom or it won’t work.
*Take snowflake and tie fishing line around it.
*Place snowflake into the borax solution and have it hang from the pencil.
*It takes anywhere between 4-12 hrs.  I let it set for 12-13 hrs.
*Once set, take snowflake out of solution and let dry for a few minutes.
~Viola you have just made a borax sparkly snowflake. ~

Popsicle Sleds
hot glue
8 popsicle sticks per sled
markers or paint

*Take 5 sticks and place them together, in the desired sled shape you wanted.
*Cut one stick into pieces, that aren’t bigger than the sled, so it doesn’t show from the other side.
*Glue 2 cut pieces over the sled shape, holding it together.
*Make 2 glue dots on each cut piece.
*Place 1 stick per side for the legs of the sled.  Make sure to add extra glue for support.
*Once dried, decorate as desired or leave blank.
~Viola, you just create simple sleds in under 5 minutes.~

What ornaments have you made this holiday season?  I would love to see them 🙂

Ducks N a Row, Create With Joy,

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