2015 Word Is….

In preparation of the upcoming new year, use this post as a stepping stone to get yourself thinking……..What do you expect from it? What do you wish would happen? Any specific goals? Do you make resolutions or pick a word as your years overall theme?

Living Intentionally Simple

word taken from: http://www.2nm.com.au/the-cruze/45573-word-of-the-year-for-2014

As I wrote in my post the other day, three years ago, I decided to pick a word as my theme, to focus on throughout the year.  Once I pick my word, I then set goals that best reflect the word I chose, my years focus, and where I would like my year to go.  As a refresher, my last two years words were: family & intentional.  This year, I had a hard time finding the exact word, so I wrote my goals before I picked my word.  But finally, a word popped into my head, that I really really love.  So without further ado, my word for 2015 is……..Inner

If you look at my goals below, everything has one thing in common, me.  All my goals, are something I want to work on with myself, something that can only be done by me, no one…

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