Weight Loss Motivation

“Every accomplishment starts with our decision to try.”
Developing healthier habits is the key to weight stability.  You can lose all the weight you want, but if you don’t know or have the will to maintain what you lost, it will come right back, usually adding than you lost.  This is the on-going weight loss cycle many of us go through.
I’ve been complaining I needed to lose weight for numerous reason.  But because of my past history with my illness, which you can read here, it’s been difficult.  I would diet for a bit and exercise when I could and then I would slowly slip back into old habits.  Sometimes it would be the pain that made me regress or the lack of will.  Whatever the reason, this year I made a promise to myself to be different.  I knew that in order to lose weight I had to stop looking solely at the numbers and look into developing healthy habits.
On Monday, I joined 1200 others in Skinny Mom’s 21 day shred.  I joined up knowing that I wouldn’t be able to follow it exactly.  But I knew this was a starting point for me, kick starting my way into healthier habits.
Over the course of this week, I accidentally found that by combining a hobby of mine with exercising & dieting it has encouraged & motivated me more, which in turn will help me to develop these into every day habits.
Use today for an example:
Each time I go walking, I take images of what I come across, if something strikes my fancy.  Just this morning I was walking with Rosco and found some neat looking ice.  Since I’m doing a personal 365 photography project “Beautiful Journey” where I take a photo a day of a small beautiful or special moment in my day.
The image above will remind me how I haven’t given up and how I’m making weight loss fun.  It doesn’t have to be something  stressful, something to dread.  Making it enjoyable, something you look forwards too will only encourage you to keep on going.
I love how I can combine something I’m passionate about, something I love doing with something I’m trying to change all while developing healthier habits.

What have you discovered that has helped you develop healthier habits?  Are you on a weight loss journey too?  If so, what has helped you stayed motivated?

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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Motivation

  1. Hi Sarah-Ann,

    Thank you so much for sharing this post at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! Leading a healthier lifestyle in 2016 is also high on my list of goals for the year – part of the reason FF went up late today – I’ve been putting my health first this year and was out this afternoon walking in stead of blogging!

    I really love your idea of combining your love of photography with exercise and dieting. I’ve been doing that too though I hadn’t thought about it in those terms! I’ve been taking photos along the way to share as I have time or just to enjoy. Now that you’ve mentioned that, I’ll have to add that to my list of things to consciously do! 🙂

    Great quotes! Be sure to keep posting and sharing about your journey. Perhaps we can keep each other motivated!

    Have an amazing weekend! 🙂


    • I think it’s fantastic you are putting your healthy first. Its so important for us a and something we all can work on. I try to go walking every morning no matter how cold it gets but the last few day in the teens have killed me. But tomorrow it’ll be 30 so I can get in my morning walk. I kinda missed it and seeing what I would find along the way.
      I think it would be great if we could motivate each other. 🙂 Earlier I was thinking about sharing an image a day on here to motivate me to keep going & to share my journey, walking my way to a healthy life. l think I’ll start doing that. And I’ll def be sure to share it with you on your blog. Thanks for commenting and stopping by. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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