Why I’m Keeping It Real In The Blogging World

“Keeping it simple, helps to keep it real.”

I’ve got a secret to tell you……..I’m not perfect & I’m completely fine with that.  Sometimes I’m like a tornado creating clutter where ever I go.  Sometimes I’m lazy because I just don’t want to do anything.  Sometimes I’m creative thinking up these wonderful plans.  Sometimes I wear my emotions on my face which can get me into trouble.  Sometimes I’m beautiful & it shines through while other times my ugliness takes over.   But no matter what, I’m always 100% me.
When I created my blog, I wanted to talk about my journey towards simplifying my life.  In order to do this, I told myself I always have to keep it real.
There are a lot of blogs out there that are just amazing.  Everything is perfect….their recipes, diy, images, writings etc. You can tell they spend a lot of time & money working on their blog.  I think it’s absolutely fantastic and wish them the best of luck with their endeavors.  I want them to know that their blogs are just beautiful.  But that isn’t how I am and it’s not something I’m able or wanting to do right now.
My blog is far from perfect, but it’s completely me.  If you read my posts, you can get an idea of who I am.  My photos are far from perfect, I write like I talk,  i’m scatterbrained having numerous thoughts running around all the time, I don’t create elaborate dishes instead I prefer simple delicious dishes, my diy aren’t aren’t something that would be on the cover of home & garden magazine but rather something doable for those thrifty shoppers, I don’t spend a lot of money on things I share on my blog,  but the things I do and say are things that is obtainable & doable to the everyone.
When your on here, what you see is what you get.  I keep it real because how could I simplify & live a simpler life if I’m not being real.  How could I write about simplicity when I’m out shopping for dishes to make my recipe look nice?  Instead, I work with what I’ve got.  To me the imperfections is what my blog beautiful.  And that’s why I’m keeping it real in the blogging world.

Do you feel your blog is a reflection of who you are?  Does it reflect where you are in your life right now?



9 thoughts on “Why I’m Keeping It Real In The Blogging World

  1. I also agree with you 100%! It’s great that you keep it real! Yes, those pretty and perfect blogs are nice to visit once in awhile, but some of those bloggers take so much time making their lives look perfect, what’s the real story behind that beautiful $2,000 door? I would guess lots of stress, but what do I know………..I just don’t think about it anymore. I don’t know them and they certainly don’t know me, so just remember to be yourself and KEEP IT REAL!


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