Motivation For Weight Loss….January 16th

“A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.” ~O.A.Battista

My faithful friend never cancels on our walks.  In fact, he looks forwards to them with so much excitement, he starts jumping  all over the place & yelping like a lunatic.

2 thoughts on “Motivation For Weight Loss….January 16th

  1. Once the snow arrives I have zero motivation to be outside. I used to find it hilarious to watch our dogs get excited by the snow. They would sit in the window watching it come down wagging their tails faster and faster as the snow slowly covered the ground. The minute all you saw on the ground was white snow they begged to go out racing through the house and back if you weren’t quick enough to get to the door to let them out.


    • Me too. I was never amused by dogs till I had one. Mine went nuts when I threw snow in his face and kept running up and down the trail like a mad dog. It was quite the scene. I think it’s hilarious your will watch it snow in the window & get so excited about it. My dog isn’t amused till he’s playing in it. He’s hard to please. 😉


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