What Do You Really Need To Be Happy?

” Real happiness requires less than you think.’ ~Be More With 

What do we really need to be happy?  This has changed over the years, as I grew & matured.
10 years ago it was:
*having designer clothing for us all
*having an overly cluttered house with things that added no value to our lives
*having tons of snacks unhealthy or not
*having two cars
*making money was our #1 goal, which we put above everything else
*having things to impress others
*having as big of a place as we can
*diet coke

And here’s what’s important to me today:  
*family time
*making alone time for each of my kids (having 5 is hard sometimes)
*developing better relationships with food….eating healthy
*exercising in any way I can
*volunteer at all 3 schools whenever possible
*exploring different hobbies
*developing my photography skills & accepting jobs that will fit into my schedule
*being home for the children each day
*taking care of myself

You can definitely see the shift when compared to one another.
What do you really need to make you happy?   Think back 10 yrs or so, how has this list changed?  

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