2 thoughts on “Motivation of the Day….Jan. 21st

  1. This frosty icy blast snowstorm Blizzard Jonas. Shoveling snow trying to clear a path just so I can get in and out of my house. Walking through 3 foot deep snow drifts all the while being beaten by icy bits of snow and sleet that felt like little knives going into my face. Since the Mayor and Gov. stopped bus service at 12 noon I had to hoof it to the nearest subway station so I got my cardio. The snow drifts provided lots of resistance. I was sweating by the time I got on the train. Then there were the feats of agility as the city had not plowed my block and I had to climb over a mini snow mountain just to get inside my house. Guess I’m ready for an Iron Woman competition! LOL!!


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